Sunday, December 30, 2012

Stocking Stuffers 2012

I know!  Christmas is over, let's move on already.  But I can't quite yet.  I have some housekeeping to do.  First, what I filled the girls' stockings with, plus Ed's, and whatever else I feel like writing to help myself out for next year. 

For the girls:

A few months ago I took them to the American Girl Doll store at Tyson's Corner.  They'd just started new earning charts for AGDs, and since we conveniently have a store close, I took them to oogle at all the dolls, accessories, beauty salon, etc., and also the price tags for those things.  While we were there, though, I noticed the DVD's were on sale for $5, by far the cheapest thing in the store, so without knowing much about them, I picked up these three.
 What a hit!  They have watched all three, some more than once already, since Christmas.  They seem to be really well-done movies with good messages, or at least not bad ones.  Each has a different historical setting, and my older two girls have really incorporated these into their imaginative play, and asked me many questions about things like hobo camps during the Great Depression and orphanages in the early 1900's.  Good stuff.  Great deal.

Stripey leggings for Hazel and Ginger, cutie shirt for Poppy

Lots of food stuff: Pop Rocks, Animal Crackers, M&M guy, and a hot chocolate snowman went in each stocking.  The older two also got those candy cane Pop Drops with Tootsie Roll centers.  The Nutkao snacks didn't fit, so I will save those for Easter baskets, just 3 months away!

Everyone got a new Pony, and a cutie finger puppet, which I stuck on the end of...

Smencils!  Watermelon for Ginger, Orange for Poppy, Root Beer for Hazel.  And these slap bracelets I picked up on our beach trip.

A plethora of hair things, to replace all the lost/broken clips and headbands from the past year.

Socks for Poppy, since I'm still squeezing her into 6-12 month size ones.  Everyone deserves to have socks that fit.  

Keychains and floss

That about does it for the girls.  In Ed's stocking I gave:
  • a bag of his favorite granola
  • movie passes
  • a new SmarTrip card (enough with scrounging for change in the morning)
  • prepaid carwash card
  • toothpaste
  • a bottle of his favorite hair stuff
  • dental floss
  • cinnamon Smencil
  • M&M's
  • a photo mousepad of the girls
  • a balloon animal kit 
  • toothpaste tube squeezer 
I guess that's all I feel like writing about for now.  I need to write at least one more Christmas follow-up post, but that's good for tonight.

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