Friday, March 25, 2011

My Awesome House: Poppy's Room

With Poppy's 1st birthday creeping up, I thought it might be a good time to show her room. Also since I just cleaned it and it doesn't stay that way for long.

Our first year in the house, this was a storage/guest room; basically, the dumping ground for stuff we didn't want to deal with. It was nice, and a pain when we had to face the boxes. I also loved the color - Sherwin Williams "waterscape." But it was dingy, so before we moved her in, we repainted the whole thing - ceiling, walls, trim, but kept the color. My perfect blue.

Let me take you on a tour. It's a small room.

Dresser and paper vase lamp - IKEA
Quilt - my Mom
Laura Ashley laundry hamper - Marshall's $7.99

Alphabet picture cards - Ida Pearle
Glider (Dutalier) - We don't love the faded denim, but that was the only fabric it came in six years ago when my parents bought it for us at Hazel's birth - at that time it was our most expensive piece of furniture. Worth every penny, even if we had paid for it. So smooth, so comfortable. It has seen a lot of mileage.
Quilt - personalized PBK crib quilt from Ed's aunt
Screen - $20 from Craigslist. Behind it in that nook are the remnants of baby-storage-junk that still needs to be gone through.
Rug - I knew I wanted a round rug for the room but was not looking forward to the $200+ price tag nor the rigorous search for the "right" one. Problem solved when I went to my favorite semi-annual consignment sale and found this one for $30. Stain-free and gender-neutral pattern. Fine.

Pillar lamp - IKEA
Crib - $99 (incl mattress) from ebay in New York. It was a purchase of budget and convenience and it's a fine crib. Never did get our "dream" nursery set, but who needs it? I'd rather get a nice couch.
Swallows Mobile by Flensted - check out all their beautiful creations! If I was having another baby I might get this one. And if it was a boy I'd probably get him this one! Though I really don't know how you'd decide.
(And here's the final corner - not much to tell...)
So that's our little nursery. First time we've ever had one, since we were in a 1-bedroom apt with Hazel and a 2-bedroom apt with Ginger and in both cases the baby slept in our room until at least 18 months. It's a dream having a separate room for her, although it's up a flight of stairs, and that is painful at 3am. But I'll take it. My House Is Awesome.


Ashlee said...

SO love it. You are SO talented!! (And thrifty--I likey!) Slowly re-entering the blogosphere world. :)

Emily said...

Drool! (I love that IKEA dresser.)

Kris said...

You did a great job on the nursery! So cute. I gotta say, I love the round rug, and you got a smokin' deal.

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