Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Best. Package. Ever. (since the world began)

Today I got the best package ever since the dawn of time. It was from my brother Dave, a late birthday/early Easter package. He has been living in England for the last 3 years and will move back to Virginia this summer. There are a lot of tangents I could go off on in this post. Like how awesome Dave is, how we used to speak our own "twin language" (we are not twins really), how he revels in package-making as much as, or maybe even more than, I do. But there's a lot of ground to cover as is, so I'll attempt to minimize digression.

Dave has been calling, not every day, but still, to find out if it has come yet. He was so excited for me to get it, he couldn't stand it. Here's my answer to his anticipation.
First, it came in a pet food box, a fact we both find giggly. If for no other reason, because Dave does not have a pet, but we had cats growing up and both hate the smell of cat food.
We open, and there is bubble-popping galore. Perfect for keeping the girls occupied while I inspect the booty.
The card - naturally that is me on the front. The handwritten note inside promised, "You won't get this much cool euro-stuff next year but I might be at your party!" A fair trade.

1. A twin-pack of Hotel Chocolat drinking chocolate. I'll be trying this as soon as I'm done writing here. And while the kids are still napping.

2. Jamie's 30-Minute Meals. Love that guy. Love 30-minute meals. Note: We've tried a few and used a few more as templates for substitution with pretty good success. Dave is much more culinarily experimental, and successful, than I am. Just give me recipes to follow. I love cookbooks! Plus Jamie has a daughter named Poppy. And it's even cuter with a British accent.

3. I was actually just thinking to do a post about Cadbury Creme Eggs. Here's the mini version: I used to love spring, my favorite season. Now I don't because I get torturous allergies, especially the itchy eyes, I can't stand it. Plus it means hot humid endless summer is just around the corner, which I hate even more than allergies. The one redeeming bright spot in spring is Easter candy, and specifically Cadbury Creme Eggs. My favorite commercial candy anywhere, anytime. Along with dark Snickers. Easily the best and happiest part of spring for me.

So imagine my thrill at getting THESE MANY Cadbury Creme Eggs, and from England, where they are available year round and taste better than American. Dave's the best.
(Notice Poppy's little hand snatching them from me. They learn the good stuff early in my house.)

4. MORE chocolate from Hotel Chocolat. A bark sampler - Rocky Road, Milk & White Fusion, Caramel Road and Vanilla with yummy bean specks. Also not for sharing.
5. Do you know the book The Gruffalo? It's hilarious with excellent pacing and a great opportunity for dramatic reading. We brought it with us when we visited England two years ago, and discovered Uncle Dave had a flair for reading it, with an inimitable voice for the Gruffalo. While we were there, I saw the book in a shop and bought it for their family. Turns out it's rather popular in England, so Dave got me some treats:
Mouse's Survivial Kit...
...and a Gruffalo Breakfast Set complete with a plate, bowl, egg cup and mug. "What's an egg cup?" Ginger asked me. Maybe it will get her to like eggs! Note: Got this at a science museum in Bristol. Not sure I see the connection... Nevertheless, my gain!

6. Tights, size 1.5 to 2 years. Note: Discovered I had bought these for H without checking the size. I guess now they're for Poppy. We always need tights around here, and with butterflies no less!

7. An external hard drive holding monumental amounts of kids shows, mostly British - a back-up device for their family, on loan until they return and need the shows they can't get anymore. I haven't delved into this yet but it's sure to hold a wealth untold.

8. A player with which to watch said digital shows on our TV. Very well-timed as Ed and I have decided to, and just need to work up the nerve to, cancel our cable.
Can you believe that package? Best ever, most amazing ever, and now I have lots to eat, read, cook and watch, the four fundamental activities in our family!


dave said...

So so so glad it showed up and that you love it!

Heather M. said...

Yes, the best package ever! What an awesome brother! Yesterday we received an awesome, albeit mini package from MY brother David. It was a DVD (1 hr 15 min) he had made of our weeklong trip to Shasta Lake with much of my family. We watched immediately, dinner and homework be *&#!ed. They both happened later, and were well worth putting off. What lucky girls we are! You, though, all that fabulous choco and jamie Oliver to boot! Yowza!

Shells said...

I love Hotel Chocolate although we just went inside for the first time this year. Crazy, I walked past it all the time for years. I won't be making that mistake over the next few months! Glad that you got all the good stuff Dave has been stockpiling. He gets giddy putting these together, so its fun for both of you!

The Henrich Family said...

Wow, totally fun! two thumbs up, Dave. Enjoy your goodies Kari

Kris said...

Aren't brothers the best?! I have 2 brothers and have fantastic relationships with both, so I totally get you. I LOVE (yes, I just yelled that at you in caps) the package! Nate and I have been to Scotland twice in the last 6 months, and I found I have quite an affinity for "euro fare". I saw a lot of Gruffalo things while I was there, but alas, I didn't know I should have snatched it up. I just ordered a copy from Amazon after reading this post. I would love to hear about the children's shows and which ones you like. Oh, and I can't finish without saying Jamie Oliver is awesomespice for sure.

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