Monday, March 07, 2011

Disco Mom Takes on Gift Lists and More

A few times over the years I've posted some gift ideas, gift lists, baby lists, etc. But as I find new things, or my kids get a year older, I never go back to update them, and they drift off to the lost city of "archives."

But seriously, the lists aren't just for entertainment. I use them, I need them. If I had to buy a birthday present for a 2-year-old right now I'd have to think hard because I don't have a 2-year-old this minute, and it's just hard to remember. So instead of trying to post a bunch of stuff over time, and keep track of all the posts, I have gone hog-wild over at Amazon and made a zillion Listmania! lists. 'Cause I like lists.

So first I made favorite gift idea lists for every age we've had so far. And I will continuously update them as we see/receive/give new delights. Many items span several years so I had to just pick an age to put it with, but if you are looking for ideas, scan more than one list.

Do you keep lists like this? Either in a folder, spreadsheet, Listmania, post-it, mental, etc? If you have favorite go-to gifts for a certain age, please share and I will add them! As I said, these lists are for my own reference more than anything!

And while I was making those, I thought of some other lists I wanted to make. So I did. Because making lists is easy and fun and clears my mind. And I can use all the clearance I can get.

Chapter Books I loved as a Child - What's on your list?

Picture Books about Grandparents - I'm super proud of this list. I love books about grandparents. The first fourteen I came up with on my own. Then I started searching and getting more from the library; I only added them to the list if they were worthy of recommendation.

Children's Picture Books about Baking
- I've been working on this for awhile; maybe you've seen it from the VGP. But I've added a few so go take another look. My new favorite is Thunder Cake. It also happens to be on the grandparents' book list.


Jenifuz said...

love the lists! One thing my 6 yr old loves is legos. They do get everywhere and he has a tendency to loose them but he loves them. I love that they have big pink buckets you can buy for the girl that loves to build too! Thanks for the ideas! I'm for sure using some of the ideas for the twins birthday coming up as well as Maryn's!

Mia said...

I could have used this list this morning as I was wandering the isles of Target trying to decide what to get my two year old for his birthday TOMORROW. (I gave all the good ideas to the grandparents.) I ended up with a bubble blowing monkey. Sigh. Maybe I will try again tonight!

Anne said...

I recommend this book about grandparents.

Amy said...

So glad you had Whopper Cake on here--We love us some Karma Wilson in this house! And now so many more to explore with my boys. Thanks for all your wonderful ideas Kari, I will definitely be using your lists!

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