Friday, October 03, 2008


Last night, 6:12 pm. We're eating dinner.

Hazel: "Mommy, what's the favorite part of your life?"

"My favorite parts were when I married Daddy, then when you were born, then when Ginger was born!"

Pat myself on the back, good answer.

"What's the favorite part of your life?

Hazel: "My favorite part was seeing you get smaller and smaller and then you were a baby and I was your Mom."

Benjamin Button flashes to mind. Then I remember Hazel's obsession with mother-child relationships and her still-fluid conception of time and tense. Phew, I'm good. I'm still the Mom.


tona said...

what an adorable question. She's a genius and her answer was pure poetry. Good thing you write these down.

Therese said...

what? you left out one of the best parts! i'll rewrite it for you "when i was with therese in toronto" THEN "when i married..." and so forth...

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