Wednesday, October 08, 2008

PR Dish - Wedding Aisle Runway

The Challenge: The four remaining challengers return to NYC with their collections including a wedding dress. When they arrive they receive a final challenge - to make a bridesmaid dress to go with the wedding dress. Those two dresses will be shown and judged to determine who moves on to compete at Bryant Park.

The Winner: No one was exactly named, but Leanne and Kenley were the judges' favorites. Really I think everyone loved Leanne's the most and I did, too. Wow - stunning!

The Loser: It was close between Jerrell and Korto. Honestly I thought Korto's wedding set was worse but I was more excited about her collection so I really wanted her to stay. Jerrell is out.

The Dish:
  • Um, so everyone took Tim to meet their friends/family except Kenley...she doesn't have any?At least Kenley apologized when she got there to ease the tension a little.
  • Like I said, Leanne's wedding set was amazing. She's right, too - Tia is an asset.
  • Jerrell's wedding dress was heinous but I really liked his bridesmaid's dress - guess I'm matronly. Poor Korto - her collection looks interesting but that wedding dress was the worst ever and the bridesmaid was even worse.
  • Kors said what? Kenley's bridesmaid dress is the most adorable dress he's ever seen? I thought it was kind of boring.
  • OK, I've been holding off, but guess I'll go online and look closely at the full collections now. It's here - the final runway show!
  • Who thought up Project Runway in the first place? Genius.


Jenifuz said...

So, I wasn't that impressed with the wedding dresses. Leanne's was the most like a wedding dress in my opinion. Kenley's wasn't too bad either, just different. Jerel's was awful. I'm interested to see the final runway show and see who wins. It should be interesting!

kat said...

i'm pretty surprised kenley pulled it off and made it to the final three. i thought it was very sad she had no friends or family for tim to meet, but not too surprising.

i did not really dig leanne's flappy dress. that picture makes it look better than i thought it did on the runway. jerel's was hideous, but i am curious to check out his collection. looked like a lot of beads. i do think korto will have a more exciting collection than he would. how sad to make a collection and then not get to show it. what a lot of work!

Margaret said...

I still don't like Kenley. She should have been out weeks ago. Michael Kors said he saw the same dress by Steve McQueen! Send her away!

I liked Leanne's dresses. I liked her colors and shapes.

I liked Korto's bridesmaid dress. I liked how simple it was. I also liked Jerrell's bridesmaid dress and I don't think it was matronly at all. Maybe that's because I don't know any moms with grown children who would wear it.

I don't know what is going to happen this week.

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