Thursday, October 02, 2008

PR Dish - And Then There Were Three (or so we thought)

Okay. Now we are getting somewhere. Bryant Park to be exact. Almost.

The Challenge: Design an evening gown inspired by nature (from the NY Botanical Garden.)

The Winner: Jerrell

The Loser: No one. All four get to go home and create collections, letting thier hope build up, then come back and compete for the three Bryant Park spaces. I think that's just too cruel, but I am looking forward to seeing the collections.

The Dish (written while watching):
  • It's ridiculous for Kenley to blame Leanne for her screwed up hip hop outfit last time. Yes, Leanne's walk was goofy but that is NOT what put it in the bottom. What a brat.
  • What a fabulous challenge - it reminds me of the final four challenge last year, taking inspiration from art in the museum. I can't wait to see what they create.
  • When Kenley was walking around the garden talking about bright colors I'm just waiting to see what kind of obnoxious 80's print fabric she picks out. She did choose a great photo - they all did, really - and she especially lucked out with the fabrics she found.
  • I love everyone's color palette. How can you go wrong with a challenge inspired by flowers? Well, perhaps I speak too soon...
  • I'm actually very, very sick of Leanne's plaid shirts!!! Oh, great, and then the next day Kenley wears one. I read somewhere plaid is in this season but it's not in for me.
  • That makeup guy is amazing. When are we having him over for a girls' makeover night?
  • OK, I guess it's only fair Kenley gets her tulle.
  • Did this season go waaaaaay faster than the others?
  • Geez, it's nice to see Heidi in pants for once. And when is Michael Kors going to wear that hot pink t-shirt I know he's hiding in his closet?
  • Though heinous in other ways, Kenley's dress did fit like a glove.
  • I didn't think Korto's dress was as bad as the judges did. I thought the sillouette was kind of pretty.
  • I didn't have a favorite this time. I didn't really love any of them.

Next week: Tim visits the designers at their homes. They return to New York to show the judges their collections and somebody gets kicked out before Bryant Park.


Mo said...

Okay, so I am all caught up and cannot wait to see how this thing plays out! Here are my observations over the past couple of weeks -

I have come to realize that I have no idea whay Hip Hop style is. I know what Kenley created wasn't it, but I couldn't define it if my life depended on it.

I completely agree with you about the final challenge. I wasn't overly impressed or disappointed by any of the dresses.

Am I the only one who is starting to feel bad for Kenley? True, she's developed quite the attitude - snapping at Heidi didn't help her cause. But she's in the most pitiable position. She's all alone in this experience. Not one of her remaining competitors likes her. At all. While it may be entirely her fault, I can't imagine anyone exhibiting much grace when faced with that kind of animosity.

I kind of miss Suede. I spent most of my time watching him feeling annoyed by his incessant use of the third person. But he added some flare to the mix. The remaining four seemed awfully sombre. (Perhaps it was just the stress of the final challenge.)

Finally, have you checked out bloggingprojectrunway? It's a blogspot blog that has photographs from all of the Bryant Park collections. (No spoilers here - all of the final four plus Joe and Suede were a part of fashion week to preserve the surprise!) It's fascinating to see what everyone created. I definitely have my favorites!

So it's back to the real world - for now! Thanks again, Kari, for turning me on to this show. I am completely obsessed!


tona said...

I didn't watch it yet but I want to know WHAT is holding up Jerrell's dress? Seems like all that gorgeous luxe fabric at the bottom is going to drag that teeny bust right down off the model. Wow. If I was her I would worry about a catwalk catastrophe in that dress.

Disco Mom said...

Tona - you are right on with the judges. Both Heidi and Michael wanted to yank it up. Looked like the model was slumping to keep herself covered. They had issues with Jerrell's dress but it won by default, the others being even worse.

Anonymous said...

OH, FOR THE LOVE! What? Kick the attitude girl off! What is she going to do to Tim when he gets on her turf? We may never see him again. Kudos to him for keeping his cool with her. I would have beat her by now.

Loved the blog.


kat said...

i too have gone to feeling sorry for kenley, even though i totally agree that she brought it on herself. it's just so sad to watch her all alone - i'm sure she's been alone all her life, and has no idea why people don't like her. sad. she needs a wing man to clue her in, but she's too rude and irritating to ever let anyone in.

as for the dresses, i didn't think korto's was that bad. maybe I belong in a pageant. i didn't really care for any of them - why did leanne put the blue poo on her dress? it was ok until that mess, but still nothing amazing.

lucky for jerrell is model didn't have any breasts, because the dress would NOT have made it down the runway.

i do think it's a cop-out to have all 4 make a collection, and then boot one out before the show. just seems like putting off the inevitable . . .

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