Wednesday, October 15, 2008

PR Dish - The Mouse That Roared


Oh, I admit Leanne's final collection was outstanding and she had a handful of shining moments throughout the season, but if you'd asked me at the beginning if I thought she had it in her, I would have answered, "Who's Leanne?"

Here in my living room there was a great sigh of relief when Kenley was auf'd. I would have puked or worse if she won. I don't care how skilled or imaginative or spirited she is; I didn't like her collection except for 2 outfits. Blech.

Korto, on the other hand...when it was down to the final two, Korto and Leanne, on the runway, I was really rooting for her. I liked her collection much better on the runway than I did looking at the pictures, and I thought the tasteful ethnic infusion was more refreshing than Leanne's wave structures, as cool as those were, too.

But if Korto had won I would very likely be lamenting on Leanne's behalf. I really loved both of their work at the final show. I just like Korto better personally and wanted her to win. I was amazed when the judges all claimed they were positive of their decision - no doubt whatsoever. They had reservations about everyone so there must be some doubt.

In other commentary, I noticed Shannon from Make Me a Supermodel in the model tryouts but I don't think anyone picked her. Bummer, I used to like her. I would have liked to see Holly in there somewhere. Also, I'm SUH-ICK of that stupid airport security commercial they show every break.

Now I'm gonna cry myself to sleep (on my gigantic pillah) every Wednesday night until PR comes back in my life...or at least until Top Chef NYC starts in a few weeks.


kat said...

i too was rooting for korto. i thought her collection was a lot more fun - i liked the variety. the waves were cool, but i thought it was too much having them in every piece.

my overwelming thought at the end of the show was that they should have made a requirement that leanne use a protion of that 100k to hire a stylist for herself - enough with the plaid - to AT LEAST cut her greasy-stringy hair. i kept thinking going to her for clothes would be like going to a hair stylist with a bad haircut.

i did think it was funny that kenley said something like 'after you guys have told me at least 4 times, maybe i need to take a history of fashion class.' nina's face was excellent after that comment.

it's a lot more fun to watch PR with someone to yell at the tv with, like mag.

and kari, you can still get on the tail end of top design and save your wednesdays for a couple more weeks. :)

Margaret said...

I was so worried that Kenley was going to win. The judges didn't say anything bad about her collection, but now I see it's because she didn't win and they didn't want to fight with her.

I really wanted Korto to win but knew it would be Leanne. Korto's show was a lot of fun to watch and I liked most of her outfits.

Leanne's show was cool but I got sick of all the waves.

Sorry you had to watch alone Kat. I got to watch with Kalle. He gets riled up, too. Not as much as I do, but he gets into it. We were talking about how we would have to boycott the show if Kenley won. I'm so glad it didn't come to that.

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