Thursday, March 13, 2008


Tonight, 5:37 pm.
Dinner cooking in the oven. Hazel walks into kitchen.

"Mommy, I smell something."

"I know - it's dinner."

Hazel peers in oven window to investigate.

"What is it? What's it called?"

Pause. Crucial moment.
Can only imagine how "Beef Broccoli Wellington" will be received. C'mon, think fast! Think, think, think.

"Delicious Rolls."

Pause. Mentally cringe. Too obvious? Trying too hard?
Make no sudden moves!

"Mmm, I love Delicious Rolls!"

Let out a sigh. We'll at least make it to the table.
Name approval is half the battle.


Margaret said...

I wish I was having delicious rolls for dinner tonight.

Mia said...

We have this same battle. If the name doesn't have noodle, roll, or cheesy in it there is a good chance no one will try it. Geesh! Good call on the name. Looks delicious! We are going to try it on Sunday.

Lindsay said...

Quick thinking! Also, thanks for posting that recipe...looks delicious indeed!

SuperGabers - The Mom said...

LMAO, Kari! You are so creative... you should write a book!

Disco Mom said...

Shows how much you know, Gabe.

I have.

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