Monday, March 10, 2008

Fine, Obligatory PR Finale Dish

Did anyone see the SNL skit about Christian this week? Pretty good.

But honestly, what is there to say? While all the collections were amazing and way better than past years, I again disagreed with the judges on the winner. Last year I definitely thought it should have been Ulli (sp?) and they chose trashy Jeffrey. This year I thought it should have been Jillian. I agreed that Rami's color choices were his downfall, though his actual designs were awesome. As for Christian, it's like the judges themselves said - how long can he get away with black ruffles? My friend Kristin came and watched with me and she made a good point that Christian probably was pushed over the edge because it was most Victoria Beckham's style and the guest judge probably gets more weight.

Anyway, I was disappointed because I thought Jillian's was best in so many aspects, her indecision and poor time management notwithstanding. And I'm already sick of the word "fierce."

Can't wait for next season.

What did everyone else think?


Just Katy said...

I really wanted Rami to win. I loved his designs. They were gorgeous and wearable and innovative at the same time.
But I think your right, Beckham pushed Christian over the edge. He was the "show man" and it is TV. He's so young, which is impressive, so maybe his work will eventually mature beyond witch costumes.

The Normal Mormon Husband said...

Thanks for the link to my blog ( I can track the referring URL's to my blog and saw that yours is one of them. I'm glad you like it. Yours is pretty impressive as well, but I have to admit that I've never seen a minute of Project Runway. (I'm pretty sure I'd have to turn in my Man Card to somebody if I did.....)

Just one question - how do the crayon cupcakes taste?


The Normal Mormon Husband said...

Oh yeah, you've also got one of the cooler URL's out there. Disco mom. How cool is that?

kat said...

i'm not surprised christian won - i thought his line looked the most coherent, although enough with the enormous ruffles already!

it seems like i was more clever when i was thinking about this earlier. alas. you need to come out here and help me dip truffles! i think i've finally figured out the centers.

Tamara said...

Christian was the most entertaining to me but I did like Julian's collection the best. I loved the SNL skit. We had a party to watch the finale of PR and got a lot of good laughs.

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