Saturday, March 15, 2008

Easter Egg Birthday Party

Today was Hazel's birthday party (though her birthday isn't until the 27th.) Knowing how stressed out I get over hosting anything, I really tried to keep the party as simple as possible. Even so, it took all week to prepare, making sure I had all the food & supplies and of course a major Friday night cleaning overhaul with Ed. Saturday morning did require a last-minute run to the store for vinegar, but no other major problems, as opposed to last year when we had to cancel the party because Ginger was in the hospital. Here are the party facts and a few pictures:

Theme: Easter Eggs

Decorations: A couple balloons & streamers, a construction paper Easter egg welcome sign on the door
Guests: Lucas Richardson, Bruce & Dyani Fuhriman, Kaleigh Galatro, Apani & Kaitlyn RoweFood: Mini chocolate chip pumpkin muffins (Trader Joe's mix), fruit platter, small water bottles
Favors: Lavender take-out boxes with orange Easter shred, tiny play-doh, homemade cupcake crayons, dum-dum lollipop, eggs the kids dyed
Activities: Egg dying, general playing & eating, pin-the-egg-on-the-basket, story The Golden Egg (abbreviated due to loss of attention), some action songs, more general playingCake: Strawberry mix with strawberry yogurt for part of the oil, pink frosting, decorated with chocolate eggs. A cake decorator I am NOT but whatever, it was for 3-year-olds.

After everyone but Kaleigh had left, Ed and I were talking with Kaleigh's dad Chris while the girls played in Hazel's room. When we went to get Kaleigh to put her shoes and coat on, we found the girls had put themselves down for naps - Kaleigh in Hazel's bed and Hazel on the changing pad. They weren't asleep yet but I honestly think they would have fallen asleep if left alone.

So you know it was a good party.


Camille Foote said...

You sound like me I always stress when I have to play the role of hostess. It is something I hope to get better at. Looks like everything went really well and that the party was a lot of fun. I wish we were closer to help celebrate.

Lindsay said...

I'll have you know that this little birthday party got rave review in nursery yesterday. :) It sounds like it was a lot of fun!

Jenifuz said...

From the pictures it looks like it was a hit!!! Happy Early birthday to Hazel!

kat said...

love the eggs. what a fun thing to do for the party. i'll be making the crayon cupcakes in no time!

Mia said...

Is Hazel wearing one of those violet smocks in the first picture? I love it whatever it is! The party looked like so much fun :)

Disco Mom said...

Mia, good eye. Yes, it's one of the food smocks we so love and have in every size - what a laundry saver it is for my very messy eaters and artists!

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