Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Good Stuff - January

This is where I dump all the cool things I use, see, taste, read and consider so I can free up brain space. I expect there will be a monthly list.

Grown-up Stuff

Haagen Dazs Reserve Pomegranite Chip Ice Cream - just click on the link. Very little explanation needed.

Thomas' Cranberry English Muffins - I guess these were a seasonal thing because I got them early this month and then next time I couldn't find them. And they're not online, so oh well. Trust me, though, they were delish.

Custom Name Prints by Ida Pearle - You might think these are kids' stuff since they would go in a child's room, but if we ever get ourselves these, believe me, they're for me. Pretty much anything in the home decor/clothing/design realm is for me, even if it's not for me. I adore Pearle's art, and love how you can choose the hair color & skin tone and which of her alphabet pictures you want. My favorites are c, d, m, q and y - how to choose?

Kid Stuff

Baby Bath Turtles (Munchkin) - A few months ago the squirty rubber duckies were getting gross so I tossed them and looked for a bath toy with a little more resilience. We love this simple set of four floating turtles made of hard plastic. Hazel uses them for imaginary social scenarios like she did the rubber duckies, and Ginger's interested in the spinning/shaking parts. Added plus that their tails and noses are magnetic so they can connect. We got them at Target.

Stay-Put Suction Bowls (Munchkin) - These have been perfect through Ginger's early learning-to-eat stage. The suction isn't like cement; if a kid wants to detach it she will, but they're great for avoiding the knock-off accidents clumsy limbs cause. Ginger gets excited if she even sees me getting one out of the cupboard.

Uglydolls - The first time I saw these was when my friend Andrea gave us this doll and it has become Ginger's lovey - we named it Buster. Since then I've noticed these in the background in magazine photography and movies - they're super soft and sweet in their own ugly way.

Not a Box - What a sweet book about imagination! The pictures and text are simple enough for a young child but the concept - that a big cardboard box can become anything you want - is appealing to kids of all ages. The first time we read it Hazel was a little confused but when I explained that the rabbit was pretending with the box she got really into it, and it even gave her some ideas.

Goldie and the Three Bears - We love this modern, suburban, more socially palatable version of the classic story that's kind of empty and scary. In fact, read the review called "A Bear to Cross" - it gives a much better description than I can. The ending is the best.

Discovery Toys Main Street Playhouse - This was the girls' "big" Christmas present and they love it. Hazel calls it her tent, and they go in there to read and play. It's got a grocery store on one side, a post office, a curtained entrance and a puppet show window. The best part is it folds down flat and small and fits in its own tote bag - a huge plus for small apartment living. I love almost everything I've gotten from Discovery Toys. Last Saturday Ed got the idea to move it onto Hazel's bed. Here he is trying to take a nap with both girls in there. Guess how that turned out.
California Baby - First I tried their Calming Shampoo & Body Wash and loved the fabulous lavender scent, and fresh clean on the kids. Next we tried the Diaper Area Wash and Diaper Rash Cream - another couple of awesome products. I suspect their whole line is just as effective and high quality. I'm especially likely to try their sunscreen products. Check out all the fun bubble baths!

All of the above are great, but what are the absolute, top drawer, must-have toys of the month?
Drumroll, please....





Mia said...

Wow, I love those prints!!! I agree, how to choose? I like c, e, f, g, m, n, t, u... So fun. We end up tossing our bath toys every couple of months because no matter how hard I try to get the water out I just can't. I will have to check out the magnetic turtles. They sound fun.

kat said...

i love that you do the research for me, so i don't have to. we went to Toys R Us on Saturday and i have to say i was pretty irritated. maybe it was just westminster, but i thought the selection stunk, and the toys were mostly lame. what's with toys that only do one thing? and that thing poorly? irritating.

i love the tent. i was looking for a little nylon tent for katie a while ago to use as a fort, and now it looks like i can stop searching! too bad i didn't see that before i finished her birthday shopping!

Disco Mom said...

What do you mean, "finished"? Birthday shopping is never done, especially for those very special first-week-of-February birthdays! You can also use your CA connections because IKEA has cute - and cheap - kid tents. My niece has one that looks like an igloo which is fun.

Yeah, no, don't go to Toys R Us (even though I just did.) Let me find way better things for you.

Rachel said...

Wow I love this post, I will be waiting for all the next months. We were in desperate need of some/ANY bath toys so we bought the turtles and have been enjoying them greatly! Thanks for passing along the idea!

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