Thursday, January 10, 2008


Tonight, 5pm.

Sigh. Ugh. "Hazel, what should we have for dinner?"


Remember the last 3 out of 4 nights spending 30-60 minutes preparing traditional well-balanced dinners that no one but me ate. Envisio
n the ease of putting out bowls, spoons, milk and cereal box. Oh yeah, and bananas to bring it up to three food groups. Imagine the quiet of everyone eating what's put in front of them.



tona said...

Hey, the girl knows what's good. Yay for you for rolling with it. The time for those lovely meals will come. I promise. My kids love that I cook now, but they sure didn't used to appreciate it as much.

Lindsay said...

Breakfast-for-dinner was one of my favorite meals growing up.

kat said...

i'm ready to make waffles or crepes every night, because no one eats it if i make real food - and that includes roger! alex will eat anything - so far - so maybe he and i will be real food buddies!

Mia said...

I love cereal any time of the day. And I am just so grateful if anyone eats that I don't mind cereal three times a day. I keep telling myself that the kids tastes will grow up some day too.

Just Katy said...

I'm impressed she selected Cherrios. They're full of whole grain goodness. That shows some good parenting. I probably would have suggested sugar frosted sugar balls at her age.

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