Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Tonight, 9:57 pm.

Both kids asleep, or at least in bed. Check.

1.5 out of 5.5 rooms in the apartment clean. Check.

Sink full of dirty dishes, check. Pile of clean laundry crumpled on the floor, and has been for several days, check.

Feet up. Remote in one hand, serious chocolate milkshake in the other.


New episode of Project Runway, check.



Margaret said...

How did you like the episode? I think Chris and Christian should have won, but I hate that Kit was sent away. I don't like Rami anymore. He keeps doing the same thing. I agree that the annoying girls made a nice coat, but I don't like either of them so I want them both to go home.

Disco Mom said...

Oh goody, someone wants to talk about it - thanks for taking the bait, Mags. I agree on the winner, it was a perfect team for that challenge. I used to like Rami but he's way too into himself. Vic and Gil are annoying but they're the most talented, I think. I mean, look at your other choices. There are only 7 left and I think it's a miracle Ricky and Sweet Pea have made it this far. Ricky is a crybaby who can only make lingerie-looking baby doll dresses. Sweet Pea is apologizing, flustered and indecisive - not talented though I admit to liking her dress last night. Ricky, Chris, Sweet Pea and Rami are out and unless there is an upset and someone tanks, Gillian, Victorya and Christian are going to fashion week. How I love this show.

Margaret said...

I really liked Sweat P's dress last night. Sometimes she makes really cool stuff. I did not like the dress Gillian made at all. I thought Ricky should have gotten the boot last night because I like Kit, but she designed a boring dress. Jack was my early favorite. I don't remember his clothes at all, but I liked his comments. I wish he didn't have to leave like he did.

Disco Mom said...

As soon as Jack left I thought to myself, "They're gonna bring him back." I don't know how serious his health problem was but if he is able, they'll totally bring him back near the end to throw everyone off and mix it up. I write these in my spare time.

SuperGabers - The Mom said...

LOL... good for you! A chocolate shake sounds yummy right now.

Kate said...

Ah yes, I do love my project runway. Here's my review:
-Christian and Chris obvious winners
- Victoria and Jillian's coat was awesome and amazing detail and technique. I love both of them so it was interesting to see them collaborate. But what is with the fashion's world obsession with the fox hunt riding pants look? Gag me.
- Sweat P's dress was gorgeous. I wanted to buy it and wear it forever.
-So sad to see Kit go. She didn't deserve it. Ricky did.
-Ricky? Did the guy sell his soul to the devil? He's never sewed anything well. Every time he does anything they tell him the sewing is terrible which I've observed as the ultimate offense for the judges. And it's boring. I thought he was going to be out the very first show, then the second show, then the third show etc. The producers are letting him stay on just to irritate everyone.

Jenny said...

I loved watching Project Runway when we visited but I don't have extended cable so I don't get it at home.

Also I love your snapshot idea. I might copy you.

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