Thursday, January 24, 2008

PR Dish - Denim

What the...? I do not get the judges at all. Here's my take:
  • Sweet P's dress was totally hippie and patchwork even after her changes - was sure the judges would hate it - I still don't know why they didn't.
  • I agree Chris's dress was dated and incongruous. He and Sweet P should have been the bottom two and he should have gone home.
  • I kind of liked Victorya's dress, though it wasn't a winner. She should have stayed.
  • Christian's jeans were amazing and he should have won even though, yes, he is an immature cartoon character.
  • I admit Ricky's dress was well made but he shouldn't have even made it this far if it took him this long to prove himself. And enough with the crying.
  • I had Victorya pegged for being in the final 3 so now I'm all thrown off.
  • I'm really pulling for Jillian but if she doesn't start being realistic with time management it's going to bite her in the butt, which will be easy in those super short shorts she always wears.
  • The further this goes on, the more I think Christian is standing out of the crowd and is a cut above everyone else in originality and talent. His hair is distracting, though, among other things.



Marie W said...

I had to laugh at your post last week...dishes in the sink and Project Runway on the TV. I was living the same reality a little further south. Adam will even sit down and comment on the show from time to time.

As for last night's episode, I missed much of the build-up but saw the runway show at the end. I have a hard time liking anything in a light-wash jean, so I did not have any affection for Sweet P's dress (agree on it being too hippy too) or Jillian's coat. Adam and I had correctly picked Jillian and Victorya as the bottom two - but I lost out when I thought it would be Jillian they sent packing. I was ready to say "auf wiedersehen" to her; the time management issues she has are a bit redundant - EVERY SINGLE EPISODE!

I agree with Christian being a fantastic designer. Everything he pulls out is meticulously done (with the exception of the prom dress a few episodes back). I thought the bottom of the jeans he created (using sleeves of a jean jacket for the legs) were really clever. Didn't love the jacket, though. No clear winner for me this week.

tona said...

Didn't see the episode - I can't watch them on Wed nights but sometimes catch them on the re-run if the dog gets me up at 1:00 am. Christian reminds me of last season's (was it last season?) winner, the one with the tattooed neck. Maybe the judges just go for that skanky haired tattoo look.

kat said...

you're killing me - you LIKED victorya's dress?! i usually do like her stuff - i LOVED the blue prom dress - but that denim number totally just looked like an off-the-rack jacket with a poofy skirt stuck on the bottom of it.

i can't believe that ricky one. give me a break.

i thought christian would win, because his was actually different and creative. i think his prize, should he win, should be a hair cut that doesn't make me want to beat him.

ahh, there's my posse. more later.

Margaret said...

I finally watched it last night. I did not like Victoria (I don't even like the way she spells her name, so I won't do it). I didn't like her dress at all. I thought she cheated and was totally lame. Gillian's coat was also totally lame. I did not think Ricky should have won because of his crying and his bad hats. My favorite thing about Christian is the faces he makes when he doesn't win. I don't know who to root for. The judges kept talking about how it was great to see Rami working in a different fabric, but he didn't have a choice! I did like what he did with the zippers.

Disco Mom said...

Wow, a lot of really excellent comments!!! This is my favorite thing we've done on my blog ever!

I was going to wait until next time to talk about Ricky's hats. The mesh makes my skin crawl. I'm feeling pressure to hate V's coat but I still kind of liked it, better than Jillian's. I have questionable taste, though, or at least inconsistent.

I agree that while Christian is talented, and his face tells all when he's in front of the judges, he does indeed keep sneaking a pleated ruffle on everything except the Reese's wrapper dress. Everybody has a "signature" thing but it doesn't seem like anyone has amazing RANGE, so I don't know who to root for either.

I heard the next new episode isn't until Feb 6 - bite me!

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