Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Happy Halloween, everyone!  We weathered Sandy not too badly - 26 hours without power, just enough time to bundle up, have a fire in the fireplace, and share a couple of cold meals tempered with hot cocoa and cider we made on the camp stove. 

Unfortunately, most houses in our neighborhood, and our elementary school, are still cold and dark.  But it takes more than a power outage to cancel Halloween!

Things were rushed tonight getting out the door, but here are some pictures of the girls in their costumes at our church party last weekend.

The Cupcake:

The Pirate:

The Tooth Fairy:

Strike a pose:


The donut eating contest:

And here are the pumpkins Ed and the girls carved when we were homebound on Monday:

As I've been handing out candy tonight, Ed's pumpkins have gotten serious praise, especially from the middle school-age contingent.

The girls are trickling in now, with their heavy bags of sugar and loot.  Time to check out the takings, trade, sort, and eventually get them to bed - hopefully before the inevitable meltdowns - crossing fingers!

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tona said...

Good grief, what wonderful memories in these photos!! Ed's pumpkins are incredible. And the last group pose is my favorite. Adorable costumes this year!! Glad your power's back on, hang in there.

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