Monday, October 22, 2012

PeeWees: The Runaway Bunny (week 1)

 [A recap of our third book from PeeWee mom Julia.  Poppy was absent for Week 2 of The Runaway Bunny (see Beach Vacay) so this will be the only post for this book.]

The Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown

Arrival/open play time: We started with coloring bunnies with markers and then everyone got to choose a pompom tail to glue on. They took turns with me helping and playing with the car garage. They all took turns really well with this.

 Circle time: After 20 minutes of playtime/coloring we did circle time. We counted blocks and they had fun with this too.  Then we read the book a couple times, the first time just reading slowly and looking closely at the pictures.  The second time we made actions for some of the things the bunny did to run away.

Activity 1: Then we did some magnet fishing (the bunny wants to turn into a fish to swim away from his  mom). They again took turns well and this could have gone on longer-- I think we'll do it again next week with more things to fish for.

Snack:  We had snack after that: bunny crackers and carrots (the mother and little bunny have a carrot at the end of the story after he decides he's not actually going to run away).

Art:  After that we planted our own gardens (the bunnies obviously got their produce from a huge garden...). Hopefully next week we can do this outside in the dirt if it's not all mud!

Activity 2:  Then we acted out the book. After this we continued the running and hiding by playing hide and seek. They LOVED this and thought it was hilarious. They always hid together-- their favorite place was behind the toilet in the bathroom (see photo). We played with each of them being "it" as well as them all counting together to find me. We will definitely do this again.

Then it was time for singing and dancing/instruments. We finished it off with our good-bye chant and a few more songs and cars while we waited for our moms.

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