Tuesday, October 23, 2012

PeeWees: Pumpkin, Pumpkin (week 1)

[A recap from PeeWee mom Shaunel.]

Pumpkin, Pumpkin by Jeanne Titherington

I always love the little tidbits about the kids, this is what I noticed:

*Poppy was quite the chatterer. Though I find this hard to believe, I've never conversed to Poppy! It was fun to hear her speech patterns which remind me so much of Ginger. So fun.

*Henry was our man of color. For whatever reason, half the time I asked about the colors on the page, or the paint, or what color their pumpkins were the other kids were not interested in responding. Henry never let me down. He was always enthusiastic about the colors.

*Bodie was passionate about whatever he was doing--playing with the cars, tackling the other kids, or painting his "pumpkin," this kid does not lack enthusiasm.

*Jackson was our resident noise maker. He was an enthusiastic singer, noise maker, and crier. Oh yes the tears flowed strong today. It's so hard to share our toys!

Here's the synopsis (I just kind of filled in my lesson plan, sorry it's not beautifully narrated, but my nap time is still too preciousl! Also, pictures were difficult to manage, but I did get a few)

9:30 Arrive/Free Play (LR):
-Farm Animals
- Mixed pumpkin muffins together [found the recipe on Kari's blog--thank you] (Bodie had no interest, so he kept playing while the others mixed these up, Henry was really anxious to crack the eggs, but I decided I wasn't quite ready for that adventure)

9:50 Circle/Welcome (BSMT):
-Welcome Song -Passed around pumpkin to touch, smell, and describe
**interruption to take out muffins from oven
-Sang "pumpkin pumpkin" while waiting an extra min for muffins to finish
-Counted 12 paper Pumpkins
-Alphabet Song (marched)
-Read "Pumpkin Pumpkin" 2 times (first w/ discussion, 2nd going through)
-Gave each child a (butternut squash) seed, talked about pumpkins growing from seeds, sang "little seeds" (children's songbook)

10:15 Snack (DR)
-wash hands, potty (only henry had to go to the bathroom)
-pumpkin muffins, grapes, carrots
-Discussed Pumpkin Patch and sang "pumpkin pumkin"

[In case you can't understand her, Poppy is saying she will get an "oranges" pumpkin - she uses the plural all the time and I never correct her because I love it.  Then she gets excited to point out that the carrot she just ate is also "oranges."]
10:30 Art Pumpkin Making (BSMT)
-showed kids my "pumpkin"
-we stuffed the bags, and taped the top
-Showed kids how to paint the pumpkin with the sponges, and let them go at it. This was harder than I though it would be, but they all did a great job. (No one liked when the paint got on them! Poppy and Bodie were especially studious, Jackson and Henry painted and then left for the looming balls)
-Sang more of "pumpkin pumpkin", and introduced "5 little pumpkins"

11:00 Activity (BSMT/Garden)
-Handed out seeds again and discussed digging in the dirt
-Sang "little seeds" multiple times, pretending to grow into pumpkins
-Went outside to plant our seeds.
-found a worm, planted our seeds, and watered them

11:15 Close (BSMT)
-Re read book
-So long king kong

11:20 After Party (BackYard)

-Brought balls outside to shoot some hoops
-Sang "Scary Skelatons" 5x
-Bodie stuck the basketball in the garden, and pretended it was a pumkpin. He kept saying and acting out, "it's heavy! it's heavy"
-Looked at the flowers on the zucchini plant, and picked some zucs. Poppy kept exclaiming, "oh wow! oh wow!"
-ran around the house to distract Jackson from his inability to share

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