Saturday, December 24, 2011

What's for Christmas? (pt 2)

Again, mostly for my own record-keeping.  Here's what everyone's getting in their stockings.

All girls:
Clementine in the toe / candy cane on top
Toothbrush & toothpaste
Zhu Zhu hamsters (I got a 3-pack, yay, more batteries!)
Matryoshka ornament with each girl's initial painted on the bottom (I'm kinda crazy for matryoshkas)
Dora sippy cup
Small notebooks for writing/drawing
Coloring book
Lots and lots and lots of fruit snacks

Sparkly pipe cleaners
Jewel stickers
Tic tacs (her favorite church snack)
Skittles (her favorite candy, newly discovered at Halloween)
Charlie & Lola vol. 11 DVD
Wig Out game

Pink guitar ornament (Hazel has been taking lessons for a few months)
Metallic ponytail holders (which I will be borrowing)

Thermos (for taking warm things for lunch; matches her water bottle)
Pretzel M&M's (new favorite candy)
"Principal-for-a-Day" gift certificate (a genius PTA fundraiser)
Charlie & Lola vol. 4 DVD
Paintbrush pens

Ed (always the hardest!):
Single-serving mixed nut packages
Slimfast (he drinks it for breakfast almost every morning - bonus, takes up lots of real estate!)
Gum (big Costco box of Trident)
Travel-size shave gel
Camp soap sheets
The Man from Snowy River soundtrack (we saw the movie on TV a few weeks ago and snuggled and reminisced about how good that movie is, both then and now.  And the music remains amazing.)


Kelly said...

I love matryoshkas too! We've got the coolest matryoshka store (just matryoshkas) not too far from us with some as big as us and some so, so tiny.

Merry Christmas Hickmans! My girls love the photos!

Lynda said...

I love your matryoshkas, I'm in the UK but would love to have some like yours for my collection. Could you please say where you got them from? (Without spoiling your own Christmas surprise!)
Best wishes for the new year. Lynda

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