Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Christmas Books & DVD's

Well. Christmas is in full swing around here, and if you've been with me for more than one Christmas, you know I'm kinda obsessed with accruing the perfect Christmas book collection.  I collect.  I review.  I purge.  I collect.  All over again.  We're still in picture books this year, mostly, but some are longer than we could sit through in the past.  I've put all our best favorites to date in an Amazon list, but it is ever-changing:

Our Favorite Children's Christmas Books

And since DVD's wouldn't fit on the same list (limit of 40 items), I started another list of those.  We don't have that many Christmas DVD's, but the collection has been started with these good ones:

Our Favorite Children's DVDs

And kinda sorta speaking of movies, I have surprised myself this year by being very into cheesy made-for-TV Christmas movies.  Not usually my thing.  But I am longing for sentimentality.  And I am definitely finding it.  Mostly on Lifetime, some on Hallmark and other channels.  Occasionally I even find some quality programming.  But mostly it's sappy predictable stuff.  And I am lapping it all up like a hungry kitten. 
Unrelated pickie of the girls at a friend's Christmas party last weekend. 

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