Friday, December 30, 2011

Hung with Care, pt 4

 Here's our final installment of the Younce Christmas stockings.  I mentioned earlier that my parent's socks were hand-knit by my Mom's grandmother.  And that they are large and very stretchy and hard to fill!  

 Here is my oldest brother Jeffy's stocking.  He passed away before I was born so I'd actually never seen his stocking until my Mom brought it over with theirs for me to photograph.  It's so sweet, isn't it?  I love how the bell goes along the heel.

And on Christmas Eve I got pictures of my brother Dave's family's stockings.

Dave's childhood stocking had Rudolph on it.  My Mom made him this grown-up one later, and it's covered with Celtic knots and celestial bodies.  She also made Michelle's; Michelle is from Seattle so Mom gave it a Mount Ranier theme.  She also loves soccer, hence the button that dots her "i".  

 I believe these three were store-bought, with the names added later.  We were having so much fun I actually forgot to ask about them!

But this one I know about.  Their fourth child, Freya, was born just this month, on December 1.   I think we are all touched by this because she is (probably) the last cousin/grandchild in the Younce clan, and she shares a birthday with the first, Tona's son Thompson (see this post.)
Hazel holding Freya when she was about a week old.

My Mom created her stocking, a yellow and gold sock with appliqued nativity fabric.  And the best part is, Mom happened to make a trip recently to see Maren's and Tona's families before Christmas.  She took Freya's stocking with her and had each granddaughter (girl cousin) do a part, so they each contributed to it.  My girls also helped when she got back.  So that's a little special aspect of her stocking that represents how much we welcome her and love her.
So that's it!  Another generation of stockings.  Thanks, Grandma.  Love you.

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Shells said...

Thanks for posting these. I can tell you the story behind our three store-bought stockings. Back when we were first married, Dave mentioned this tradition to me and pondered what stockings I made might look like. I told him that unfortunately he married the wrong girl for that task. I love all the stockings, but I don't creatively, artistically, or skill-wise have the talents to make a stocking. Your mom super generously filled in the gap. As you mentioned, she made three and did the names on the other three. Now, some of that love and talent has rubbed off on her grandkids. H and I have been talking about whether or not she wants a completely handmade stocking and what that might look like. She wants to do much of the work herself, so it might wait until she is older. Either way, this tradition has grown on me and I really appreciate you sharing it here. I hadn't heard the full story before.

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