Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011 (part 1)

This post has it all: photos.  Parades.  Parties.  Cakes.  Giant inflatables.  Videos.  Everything Halloween should be and more.  In no particular order.

First of all, thank you to FX for playing "Twilight" several times over the last few nights.  It's been real. 

Last year I mentioned an enormous, house-sized black cat our neighbor put up.  The girls called him "Scary Skip" and were scared to walk by him.  This year we were thrilled to see his return, and instead of fear, we greet him heartily each day. (And let me just say - it is SO amazing to be able to send videos straight from my phone to YouTube!)

Last week Ginger's preschool had their annual Halloween sing-along and outdoor parade, always a crowd-pleaser.  I have got to get a playlist from their music teacher, some of those songs are super cute.  Her class had a small cupcake-decorating party first.

Ginger was Olivia this year.
 We got the ears headband from an Etsy seller, the leggings at Target, and a red sailor dress from ebay that my Mom added the collar and tie to to make it look right.  She was lacking some girth but not much we could do about that.

Poppy was the same ladybug that both Hazel and Ginger were at her age.  Easy peasy.

This month my friend Sheri traveled to England to see, among other things, the Bears play an NFL UK game - see her awesome write-up here.  While galavanting and basking in kidlessness she also managed to remember I LOVE Cadbury creme eggs, and picked me up a bunch of these Halloween versions - "Screme eggs" with green in the center.  Oh, yes, they are all the Halloween candy I need.  YUM!

In preparation for our church Halloween party, a bunch of chicks-in-aprons got together one night to assemble this cake and this one, which would be prizes for the pumpkin carving and chili cook-off contests.  It was a great night of gabbing and frosting.

Last Friday night Hazel's school had a Halloween party, so we all donned our costumes and schlepped over to the school.  There was a movie, stories, crafts, a "spookhouse" (= the music room draped and darkened with a few scary things), and DANCING.  Yes, a DJ was there, and from the moment we got there to the moment we left, Hazel was cutting the rug.  She's got moves and she loves to dance.  It's kinda dark to tell, but she was a knight.

Saturday was the church party.  But before that, we got the season's first SNOW!  The girls were beside themselves and talk of Christmas immediately ensued.

But we did still go to the party.   From the decorations to the activities, to the astounding "Thriller" dance performance at the end, the whole event left me speechless.  Games, cupcake walk, Pirate's Cove, live music (yes, a BAND).  It rocked.
It was also fun that I got to be a chili judge, tasting 19 different concoctions, and realizing there is a very wide berth when to comes to interpreting "chili."   Another thing I always love about the church party is that the adults dress up.  Ed and I were salt and pepper shakers.  Unfortunately my costume snagged on a door and fell apart before we could get a picture together, but here is Ed with Poppy.  I looked like him but with black pom-poms and balled up newspaper in my shaker.
 Here were some of my other favorite adult costumes -

Alex Trebek and Jeaopardy contestant - nice winnings, Ashley!
 Mr. & Mrs. Pacman

Facebook page and National Geographic cover - this NG fellow had the most rocking homemade robot costume last year, he is one to keep an eye on!
I never did get a proper shot of all the girls together, but maybe tonight I can take one.  We're all looking forward to trick-or-treating since we skipped last year (Halloween being on a Sunday.)  Speaking of candy, both Hazel's school and a local scout troop are collecting leftovers for Treats 4 Our Troops, do you know about this?  Genius everyone-wins program.  Or there's this feature on candy-filled treats (but like I said here, does anyone really have Reese's left over?!)  Let's take Halloween candy and ADD MORE SUGAR!  Who's with me?  You couldn't pay me enough to make or eat the Taffy Ice Cream Bomb (who gives out taffy for Halloween?) but I could be persuaded to try the Kit Kat Crescents...

Finally, I got this "tasteful" black wreath for door, what do you think?  I went out to get the paper one morning, and when I turned around this was what I saw.  What on earth could be more welcoming?
So there's our Halloween except for our actual Halloween.  What are you doing and being this spookiest day of 2011?


Heather M. said...

How much do I love this post?!?!? A TON!!! Hazel is amazing! and the last pic of the girls in the window? Priceless! Thanks for posting more of the party I had to miss for a YW multi-stake thing (which was awesome, too). Really wish I could have done both instead of only one. YOu are awesome!

Andrea said...

So fun! Thanks for a great post.

Janet said...

You really did do it all. What party girls! And what a cat--what do they feed him??? Glad you had a good time.

Anonymous said...

Wow... You really had a good time... Nice pics btw...
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tona said...

Awesome. The snowstorm definitely put a damper on our Halloween in general, but the ward trunk-or-treat did happen (just no one decorated their cars because it was a howling blizzard outside so the kiddos trick or treated in the halls). I went as Rapunzel from Tangled, with a long yarn braid attached to a headband and my generic Renaissance costume, wielding a small frying pan, and Don wore the Renaissance prince costume we've got in the attic. Forrest went as Steve Jobs in jeans & black turtleneck. Jacob wore a baseball hat with a leaf hanging down from the brim with some string so that it hung in front of his mouth. When anyone asked him what he was supposed to be, he blew the leaf and said "I'm a leaf blower." Halle was a cloud. There were supposed to be rain-fringe things on her arms but we never got that far. Later that night when we were trying to drive home and kept meeting downed trees across the road and had to get out and move a few, it was interesting to do that in costume. Then we lost power from Saturday night until Wednesday afternoon, so nothing much happened on actual Halloween, but the town's trick or treating was postpone till tonight and Halle's out with friends.

Meanwhile I bought 2 kinds of candy to hand out at the ward party, Dubble Bubble and Snickers but then I forgot where I hid the Snickers so we gave out gum, and then later I remembered where we hid the Snickers so now I have LOTS of snickers for snacking. I'm not at all sorry I hid it in such a good place.

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