Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Art Tuesday: Clothespin Dolls

 This project wasn't with our usual Art Tuesday friends, but I'm categorizing it under that anyway, because it was ADORABLE.  We got invited to a Friday afternoon tea party, and as if that wasn't cute enough, they had this craft for us to do after! 

If you genuinely want to do this, I will direct you to this tutorial on GoingSewCrazy.  And instead of repeating exactly what she says, I will just show you my pictures. 

You can get everything you need at a craft store like Michael's.  And note: there is absolutely NO SEWING involved.  For the dress you just cut a circle out of fabric, cut head and arm holes, and tie it around the middle with ribbon.
My girls played with them the rest of the afternoon and all weekend.  Nothing like making your own doll.


tona said...

These are so cute!! Lots of personality. Someone can extend this idea with a lot more time and patience, I remember seeing Star Wars versions on the Filth Wizardry blog

K Cummings said...

I totally want to do this. For myself.

Janet said...

They 're great! Your Grandma Cummings used to make them with your mom and I--only in those days people really used clothespins so they weren't in the craft stores. Actually you did have to search for them because most people preferred the "new" pinching clothespins. Such a great tradition to carry on.

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