Friday, October 07, 2011

Art Tuesday: Monochromatic Collages

 I had this cool idea to have the kids cut monochromatic pictures out of magazines (all the same color), and have them glue them make a graded collage, ordering the pictures from lightest to darkest.  Turned out that concept was a bit advanced, but the cutting and gluing was totally popular.  And some of the kids have favorite colors so they stuck with them.

Black & White

Red (Ginger's)

Brown (mine) - I just went through my new King Arthur Flour catalog and cut out all shades of yummy.  I tried to grade mine - do you like it?
Monochromatic Collages
What you need:
Kid scissors
Glue or glue stick
Posterboard, cardstock, or something sturdy for the background; we used scrapbook paper

What to do:
Have the kids choose one or two favorite colors and find pictures of that color in the magazines.  Cut them out.  Glue them to the background paper.  Optional: Put them in order from light to dark, or big to small.

Collages are extremely versatile projects.  My girls love making collages of food pictures (since we have a lot of food mags at our house.)  If you have the pictures, you can do any theme or color.  Older kids love to cut out letters from their name and make their name lots of ways.  Or choose a letter or sound and find pictures that start with that letter.  Lots of fun to be had when making collages!

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