Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Art Tuesday: Collaborative Outdoor Mural

 We've been waiting, and rescheduling, and waiting some more for a good weather day to do this project.  Collaborative art is so amazing because everyone brings their styles and points of view together to make something none of them could make on their own.  And October is the best month to be outdoors.

Our art friends have a great four-square cement patio, and had a box of charcoals just waiting to be used up.  First we had to sweep the leaves off.

Then we talked about design and patterns and the kids were asked to choose a design from this page to use as a model.  (The designs come from Orb Magnetic Color Cubes.)

 They chose this one:

So we mapped out a big circle (really an oval), lined it with squares, then filled it in with circles, triangles and other shapes.  Once the plan was in place, we went to work filling the shapes with our own art.

Here are some close-ups of some of the kids' favorites -


A person standing on a bridge bouncing a ball

Smiley face with a blue sun nose

Angels, the sun, and two whales

Alphabet (I did it, thank you, thank you)

All our knees, hands, and some of our butts looked like this:

But it was all worth it for this finished masterpiece!

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