Monday, April 19, 2010


Tonight, after dinner.  Hazel is showing me the mask she has been working on and embellishing all evening.

"Mom, I think I'll bring my mask to preschool on Wednesday for sharing day."

"Actually, Hazel, I was thinking on Wednesday we could take Ginger to Peewees and you and I could have a special Mommy-Hazel morning together."

Warm fuzzies, warm fuzzies.

Pause.  Crestfallen expression.  Whiney voice.

"But Mooooooom, I want to go to preschool.  And Wednesday is my SHARING DAY!"

Pause.  Try not to look crestfallen.  Do NOT whine.  You may be minimally pathetic.

"OK.  I'll just have a special Mommy morning by myself."

Big smile.  "Yeah, and I'll go to preschool!"
Ginger - "Yeah, and I'll go to Peewees!"

She's only five and she's already left the nest.  And the next one's not far behind.

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