Saturday, April 24, 2010

Easter (finally)

So while I'm off at the hospital I thought it might be a good time to finally post an Easter follow-up.  Do not be confused.  I am not writing this from the hospital.  I'm not quite that dedicated a blogger.  I wrote it ahead of time and scheduled it to post.

First of all, the EBX10 was a huge success.  We had 27 participants this year, a record high, hailing from England, Virginia, Tennessee, Utah, Colorado, South Carolina, D.C., Alabama, Michigan, California, Oklahoma, West Virginia, and Massachusetts.  We even had low-carb, gluten-free, and diabetic participants, all of whom got awesome baskets.  Personally, mine was perfect.  After all, can you ever really have too many Cadbury Cream Eggs?  Here's a slide show of some of the fun (kudos to those who put themselves in the pic - I think most of us were a little too freshly-woken to allow photographs):

As I mentioned before, Ed actually got a basket this year.  While preparing for a recent business trip, we realized he is lacking a stock of travel size toiletries, so I loaded him up with toothpaste, hair gel, shave cream, lint roller and a Tide stain-remover-on-the-go stick.  Also, his brown dress shoes have been sitting unworn for months simply for needing a polish, so I got him a brown polish kit, his favorite Trader Joe's licorice, a tiny chocolate bunny, and a box of ear plugs.  He thought they were for hunting (which isn't until October) but I'm even smarter than that.  With both past babies he has had a hard time sleeping through newborn squeaks and grunts, and has always worn ear plugs to bed for the first weeks.  Finally, I picked him up a book called Take a Hike Washington, D.C.: Hikes within Two Hours of the City.  Should come in handy this summer, when I want him to take the kids away, and when he starts training for hunting season.  I think he was pleased.

On Easter morning we woke up and opened our baskets, then had a decadent breakfast of Chocolate Sticky Buns (check today's VGP post - that's right, I coordinated posts.) 

It was such a beautiful morning we packed some snacks in a bag and went on a little family nature walk near a local park.  When I needed a break, we spread out a blanket, had a snack and read the Easter story from the Bible, followed by some simple discussion and testimony. 

In the afternoon we watched General Conference, then went to my sister's for dinner.  Overall a nice, fulfilling, relaxing day with family.  And a rockin' basket.

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Jenny said...

Love the scheduled post! I hope all went well, we love you guys! Can't wait to hear all the details of you new little one.

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