Sunday, April 18, 2010

Final Countdown: FIVE

Here's the thing.  If you knew the exact day and time you were having a baby, what would you do in the days leading up to it?  It's a lot of pressure.  Shop, certainly.  Baby things galore, groceries, etc.  Make sure things are in order - laundry, bills, and so on.  Clean the house - it's a nice idea but not practical due to extreme discomfort and awkwardness.  Catch up on things - email, blog posts, projects, thank-you notes, small unfinished piles around the house.

I've been doing a little of everything.  Last week my friend came over, armed with her 3-month-old baby, two bottles of nail polish, and a lasagna, and shooed me out the door for two glorious hours out by myself.  I shopped at TJ Maxx and got a pedicure (with the freaking most awesome massaging chairs!)  I came home to a still-in-one-piece friend, two painted daughters gleefully reading to the baby, and the smell of lasagna wafting from my oven.  (Note:  This is always the right thing to do for a 9-month-pregnant woman.)

In March I cashed in a gift certificate to Let's Dish that I had gotten for Christmas, and stocked my freezer with ready-to-go meals.  Also took my visiting teacher up on the offer to come clean with me for a few hours.  (Note:  Always take everyone up on every offer they make.  No room for pride these days.)  Finally took down the outside Christmas lights and some other important jobs.  Ed and I stripped and stained the deck.  (Mostly Ed but I did help some.)  I knocked out about 3/4 of Ginger's baby book and at this point there's only a little formatting and a few more photos to put in.  I also got the ball rolling on some continuing ed credits I need to keep my speech-language pathologist credentials current. 

More recently we finally got the baby a dresser two weeks ago and set it up over the weekend.  Which then meant I could wash, fold and organize the baby blankets, clothes, burp cloths, etc.  Check!  Still need to set up the bed, though.

Today I stayed home with Ginger - she had been up much of the night with allergy problems so we were both exhausted.  Washed some baby things, organized the office a little.  Balanced the money.  Baked a cake which we then took to my cousin's house for dinner.  Tonight I did some normal laundry and folded it with Ed while we flipped between basketball games.  I don't care about basketball but I don't mind it either.  Lately if I watch anything remotely intense before bed it keeps me up so basketball was perfect.  The other night I watched a home reno show where the neighbors compete, and I was awake much of the night reliving the tension.  Ridiculous.

I know I still have the Easter Basket Exchange follow-up post to write, and it will get done...eventually...probably.  But this week live the countdown with me.  I have much of the week planned out but not all of it.  And it's pretty normal stuff.  Seriously.  If you knew when it was coming, what would you do?


Shells said...

I would love to say sleep, but really, that isn't me. I would be cramming every minute full of something. Special things with the current kids, baking, cleaning, errands, haircuts, laundry, etc.

Matthew said...

Funny you say that cleaning is uncomfortable and awkward. I find just handing over the cash that I know she won't pay taxes on to be those things as well. Just putting it in an envelope that she is to pick up once she is done (and never in my presence) eases it somehow. Just a thought.

MiaKatia said...

This last one was induced and it was really freeing... until the night before when I kept praying to "just fall asleep already!" which never happened. I went on a date with the hubby and had dinner with the family. The rest of the week was just ticking off the never ending checklist of things to do.

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