Thursday, December 04, 2008

It's Gettin', It's Gettin', It's Gettin' Kinda Festive

I know, HORRIBLE! But that stupid title has been in my head since I hung the first stocking so it stays. December 1 was a pretty fun day around here. I got out the Christmas bins.

Up went the stockings, on the new snowflake hooks from Target (so fun to have a real mantle!)
Up went the AMAZING huge advent calendar handmade by craft-master Kat. The woman has 3 kids under 3, including a newborn, and she whipped this sucker out and mailed it to me in time for December! She even emailed me sample fonts for the numbers for me to choose from. After knowing her for 9 years she still continues to amaze and astound. Tiny ornaments to fill the pockets three times over furnished by Mom.Out came the Little People Nativity Set, which was a month-long obsession for the girls last year, and is equally popular so far this year. The day it came out they played with it non-stop all morning, all afternoon, all evening. And they have played with it every day since. The rule is the pieces have to stay on the coffee table in the living room, this in the hopes of having as many pieces at the end of the month as at the beginning. So far, so good.I love watching them play out the nativity story (and related scenarios) over and over. When they can hold the players in their hands - Mary, Jospeh, animals, angel, kings and of course baby Jesus - the story becomes real at their level. And since it's not just a story, it really did happen, it offers constant opportunities to teach, testify, and explain the importance and mission of Jesus Christ in a way that is understandable and accessible to even our little girls. It keeps Christ literally in the center of our home. I recommend it to everyone.

Out came our other nativity sets as well, though I really need to get some nice pieces of velvet or gold fabric or something to put them on. And it's hard to find places to put them where they are out of kids' reach but still visible.

In November our ward had an Enrichment meeting on inexpensive holiday decorating. Much of it was just beyond me creatively, but I did take note of a few things, including the concept of "tablescape." The next week I braved the jumble and crowds at half-empty Linens N Things and got myself a set of disco-sparkle chargers (at 40% off; much like this stock photo), and later at the thrift store a couple of black iron candle sticks. Since we are having Christmas at home for the first time, and my parents are coming over, it's kind of nice to have something to plan for.
Our first mailed gifts arrived today, from Tona via Amazon, a sure sign we need to get our tree. The plan is to go next Monday for Family Home Evening. A woman on our neighborhood listserv emailed a plug for getting them at her church so we will probably go there.
Of course the holiday music is on nonstop around here as well; the girls' favorite is Jingle Bells. I haven't gotten any new Christmas cd's this year but will still go about making a newish mix.

Our Christmas card photos have been ordered. I was going to just do a card and photo this year but Ed really wants a letter included. I admit I love getting other people's letters telling about their family and lives, but for some reason I'm totally uninspired this year on writing our own. Just don't know what to say.

How are you Gettin' Festive?


kat said...

that little people nativity is awesome. katie can't get enough of it. alex likes to give everyone - especially baby jesus - a chance to sit on the star. i like that it's one decoration the kids can actually play with, AND is actually about the true point of christmas.

Lindsay said...

I love the little people nativity! I could see Garrett getting into something like that. Where did you get it? Can you only find it at Christmastime?

Disco Mom said...

Lindsay: Looks like it's only around Christmas time and it's a little different each year. Here is the 2008 set on the FP website - $33 is a great price - snatch it up.

Shells said...

Am I the only one that noticed the "extra" stocking holders? What are those for?

Ed said...

Excellent observation, Michelle. They're for Mom & Dad's stockings which we now have hanging up, I just had to get them from them. And if we ever have any new people join the family we can share hooks or get some new ones.

Disco Mom said...

That was me, didn't know Ed was signed in.

Nells-Bells said...

LOVE the snowflake mantel stocking holders! i checked target and guess what...i'm too late. will have to check next year for sure. this is our first year with a mantel.
we too have that fisher price nativity set. it's the best!

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