Monday, February 11, 2008

Released from - but not Leaving - Trebekistan

Well I finally finished it and what a wonderful book to spend a month with! Yes, it's by and about a Jeopardy! contestant, but it's much more, and unlike any book I've read. It's personal, suspenseful, hilarious beyond description, and very touching. I felt as if I was going through the last 10 years arm-in-arm with Bob rather than actually living my own life. I've come to care deeply for the people in his life as well as the profound realizations he encountered while on the Jeopardy! roller coaster. It also offered me personal hope for a continual lifelong education - a hope I desperately welcome after experiencing a sharp and discouraging intellectual regression the last three years. I've been busy surviving and doing other things.

If you like Jeopardy!, read it. If Jeopardy! makes you want to puke, read it. If you've ever heard of Mrs. Butterworth's syrup, Sony, President Garfield, Jabberwocky, galoshes, the snowbelt, stage make-up, Bhutan, Radio City Music Hall, E.M. Forster (you'll never think of his works the same again), traffic signals or masking tape and a ball point pen, read it. Just read it.

If you're human, you'll love it.

Prisoner of Trebekistan receives a coveted 5 out of 5 Disco balls:


tona said...

Hey, can you lend me this one when I see you this weekend?? It sounds great.

Mia said...

It is on my list. I love a good book reccommendation and a five disco ball one has me excited!

Lindsay said...

After hearing you rave about this book, my undying love for all things Jeopardy has been tickled. Can't wait to get my hands on this book!

kat said...

i just finished it this morning before the kids woke up. naturally, i was reading it based on your glowing recommendations. it really got me excited to keep trying to learn new things, even if they're 'small.' open the mind.

and i'm putting one of the recommended books on my reading list, just for overall knowledge fun. i might even thumb through the old 'history of art' once again, bringing it down from it's lofty shelf. :)

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