Thursday, February 07, 2008

PR Dish - WWE (E is for Embarrassing!)

As soon as I saw what the challenge was, I thought, Please - they have gone too far. Is Bravo so desperate as to go so far over Cliff Tacky? I found it totally despicable. My biggest concern was that it was so far out of normal fashion range that someone like Chris or Ricky would end up winning and someone with real fashion design talent would go home. Luckily only one of those was the case. I was very surprised that even in a super spandexy challenge like this, those with talent excelled and those without didn't. Here are some notes:
  • HALLELUJAH!!!! Ricky and his crying and his hats and his lame designs are finally gone!
  • I love that they actually shopped at a place called Spandex House. I only have 5 more months in NY to get over there myself.
  • It was only fitting that Chris won the most costumey challenge so far - I'm genuinely happy for him because he is a really nice guy and good at what he does. But he's still not really a serious designer.
  • I expected Christian to be complaining the whole time that it wasn't a fashionable enough challenge, so I was glad to see him embrace it and love it in a way that I think even surprised himself. I think he was so busy having fun he forgot to be as arrogant as he usually is - refreshing. And his design was very fierce.
  • Now that it's down to 5, Sweet P and Chris are for sure the next ones to go home. I just can't possibly even remotely begin to imagine either of them actually designing a collection for fashion week.
  • I'd still like to see Jack or Simone brought back. Jack left early for medical reasons and Simone was the first to be cut. Her dress was bad but maybe she had some potential we just didn't get to see. At least she didn't seem as annoying as some people.
  • That leaves Jillian and Christian as absolute shoo-ins for Bryant Park. Rami is kind of a wild card but given the others he must be #3. Since fashion week is going on now it's probably possible to cheat and find out who showed, but please don't spoil it for me!

Also, any Bravo junkies out there willing to admit getting hooked on the new Thursday night show Make Me A Supermodel? I mean, please, I've got better things to do with my time...but if someone else also admits to it maybe I could be persuaded to dish on that one, too...


Margaret said...

I was happy for Chris. His was my favorite. My second favorite was Gillian's because I liked her color choice. I thought Christian's was ok.

I laughed when I saw Rami draping the tiny pink spandex in the top. He changed it later, but that's all he can do and I am ready to see him go.

I think Sweet P should have done the star cut outs on the butt. That would have added a little something to a boring outfit. I liked how her model said she could find the outfit at the stripper store. I have not yet found my closest stripper store.

I'm glad Ricky left. He didn't cry in the episode as much as he usually does. Did you see Christian's face when Ricky was hugging everyone? It was hilarious. I like how the editors put it all together.

I watched the elimination part of the supermodel show and found it fascinating, but I have not watched a whole episode. I don't plan to get into it. Is it fun to watch?

Disco Mom said...

yes, good point about Rami! when i saw bra draping, i thought, doesn't he know they will chew him up and spit him out over that? not that the change was any improvement - the assymetrical thing he thinks is so sophisticated did not do any magic for a hot pink wrestler outfit.

yes, the model show is fun to watch. i never could get into top chef or the hair one but the model one is almost as fun as PR in terms of the challenges they have to do - models have to be rather artistic and creative, it turns out, and not just hot. the annoying part is that they're all so young and immature that it's like a frat party back at the house, but not too much of the show is spent on that - most of it is on the photo shoots and other modeling they do, and as with PR, you can see who has talent and who doesn't, and who is so obnoxious you can't wait for them to leave. when i first saw it, i thought next year they should time it so PR and Supermodel do a joint project or something.

kat said...

the biggest surprise for me was that ricky didn't cry. other than that, tacky-mania.

i did think chris did a nice job with the challenge - maybe they'll manufacture it and i can pick one up in my size. :)

i thought that snarky christian was right when he said that he could have made SP's outfit as a craft project in first grade. super lame. it's too bad he's so talented, because then he will be able to get away with being nastiness and think it's ok.

christian and jillian are shoe-ins. i hate that rami will make the final three, because i don't need to see a collection of grecian drapey gowns. i will be very happy to see sweet pea leave. her and her ridiculous tube baby-doll dresses. i think victoria (i think there's a y in there sometime) could have had an interesting collection.

Disco Mom said...

Guess what? Victorya DID show at fashion week, just not at Bryant Park through the show. Here's a link (I didn't love her stuff):
Na Be by Victorya Hong

The Fab Five said...

I too am a closet Make me a Supermodel fan. I think the TV season is a little slow this year with the writer's strike. Who knew walking took so much talent, or that there are different walks for different clothes. I'm finally coming out of lurkdom because I love your blog so much and James doesn't want me to become a blog stalker.

I was doing a little searching last night and happened upon a PR spoiler. I had no intention of finding out what happens, so be careful if you don't want to know what happens. Any ways thanks for the insight.

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