Thursday, February 14, 2008

PR Dish - Final 3(ish)

Well I was surprised but I think things turned out the way they should have. I was so glad to see a calmer, more inspiring challenge. I've been in that sculpture hall and European paintings wing at the Met and it even made me feel artistic.
  • I loved the peacock painting Sweet P chose but her resulting dress was disappointing - where was the flair and drama? Sorry, SP, you deserved to be out.
  • Everyone else's stuff was almost predictable, but so well done. Chris's was to die for but yikes, it did look just like his last avant-garde look, especially on the same model.
  • And of course Rami did Greek drapey, but it was gorgeous.
  • And of course Christian did big sleeves and tight pants and black & white.
  • And of course Jillian did a military style jacket and short skirt. But it's amazing what she can put together in short time frames. Do you know how many months it would take me to make a lined jacket like that?
  • But in terms of creativity, Christian and Jillian do deserve to move on and Rami and Chris should have to battle it out. I'm totally curious what Chris will make since his track record is not full of high fashion, but Rami will have to step it up as well.
I'm bummed next week is the reunion episode. I never watch those because it's so uncomfortable for me watching people in confrontation, but maybe I'll watch for whatever PR fix I can get. I'm going to try to have a mom's night out party at my place for the final. I don't think any of my mom friends here watch it, but maybe I can make the "night out" part sound fun enough to lure them out.



kat said...

i can't believe with that painting as inspiration SP did the same dress she always does. i EXPECTED to see a long dramatic flowing train like a peacock when she showed her inspiration choice.

i was irritated - but not even remotely surprised - that rami went with the grecian draping from the statue garden. i really wondered if they put that in as inspiration just to see if he could break out of what he always does. ENOUGH WITH THE DRAPING!

i agree that christian, jillian and chris did pretty much what they always do, but they just do it so well! i really liked chris's modern haute couture take on his portrait, although it was almost the same as the other project. at least it was dramatic!

it totally turned out how it should have. now we'll just have to see if rami can come up with 3 looks that aren't just draped dresses, and if chris can make something without a giant wing!

I would come to your PR finale party!

Margaret said...

I did not like Rami's dress at all. I don't care for that strap across the back business. It looks like a bad bra with fabric hanging down. And would it have killed him to look at the other rooms and try to find inspiration in something else?

I thought Chris' dress was really cool when shown with the painting. Very nicely done, but it totally reminded me of the previous big shoulder look. I like him. I want the models for his final runway to be drag queens. I'm sick of looking at the skinny girls who all look the same. And I'm a super fan of drag queens.

Sweet P's dress was boring. It was really awkward back stage when everyone else was going on to New York and she was just going home. I don't want to talk about Gillian making another coat.

I am looking forward to the reunion show. I like to hear them say they were misrepresented and get watch them get mad at each other. And we'll get to see Jack again. Maybe they'll bring him back next season.

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