Monday, February 18, 2013

6th Annual Easter Basket Exchange

OK, ladies!  It is already that time again.  I guess it has been a whole year, but I'm still enjoying some of the fun things from my basket (the bling!), so it doesn't actually seem that long ago.  But Easter is in March this year, so we need to get on this!

The Short:  If you know how it all works, everything is the same.  Deadline to enter the exchange is Saturday, March 2 at midnight.  I will send out assignments that Sunday or Monday.  Enter by leaving comment here with your email address (if I don't have it), or email me directly at kyounc[at]yahoo[dot]com.

The Long:  If you are new to my blog, or the Easter Basket Exchange (EBX), this is something we've been doing for many years.  It began with women who put a lot of love into Easter baskets for their families, but never quite got the same treatment themselves.  The EBX is for anyone who wants to both create and receive something extra special for Easter.

Who Can Participate

1. You do not have to be a mother, married, female or Christian. You can fit pretty much any demographic as long as you qualify under #2 and #3. You can even be one of the poor unfortunates who knew about the exchange in past years and chose not to participate.

2. But you do have to live in the continental U.S. or have an APO address.

3.  I don't have to know you personally, but if I don't, please just email me a little about yourself so I can feel like you're a real person who won't flake out.  If I do know you already, all the better.

How It Works

1. Leave a comment to this post or email me directly (kyounc at yahoo dot com) to say you want to participate. Make sure I have your email address!!! The deadline to sign up is Saturday, March 2, which gives you almost two weeks to sign up (but don't wait!), three weeks to put your basket together, and a week to get it mailed.
2. I'll email you a questionnaire to fill out; this will be forwarded to your giver to give her a little info and direction. Around March 3 I will make the assignments and you can get started on your basket!

3. Based on your person's questionnaire answers, and your own awesomeness, put together the funnest, coolest, most amazing Easter basket ever for her. Make it her (or your) dream basket. Spending guideline is $30, not including shipping. The one requirement for everyone is that you must include quality chocolate, and I mean good quality chocolate. Other than that, run with it.

4. Put your basket/package together and mail it to your person so s/he will receive it by Easter. Please ship Priority Mail - this will insure it arriving within a week. I usually like to use a flat rate box, available in various sizes from the post office, so I'm not limited by weight.

5. Wake up Easter morning and have an awesome time opening your package! Email me a picture for the blog, and send your sender a thank you card.

That's it! Post a comment (with your email address) or shoot me an email to get started!

Check out our baskets from past years!


Shells said...

Totally in.

Tona said...

I'm in, too! Wouldn't miss it.

Our family said...

I'm in!!

ESOdhiambo said...

Please add me!

Jennifer said...

Please include me!

Dan Cummings said...

OK... I'll bite this year. bigdanc at gmail dot com. Looking forward to it!


Brooklyn said...

I know I'm totally too late. I was moving. I would still really like to if you can squeeze me in. If not I will be back next year!

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