Wednesday, February 13, 2013

PeeWees: I Knew You Could (week 1)

[From PeeWee mom Lisa...]
Synopsis - I chose my book this week based on a field trip I thought the pee wees would enjoy – riding a “train” (in our case, the Metro). The book is I Knew You Could: A Book for All the Stops in Your Life by Craig Dorfman. It has a similar feel to Dr. Seuss’s, Oh the Places You’ll Go, but is done via train and the lines are based on things like, “which track you choose.”
Open play - Train track building and playing with trains while Rod Stewart’s “Downtown Train” played in the background. We talked about the colors of the trains, the sounds trains make, going over/under, etc.
Circle time – Stand up song, counting 20 train tracks (they’re definitely getting better at this), ABC song, and the book. Each pee wee got a piece of track and whenever the book had the word track they would yell it out and hold up their piece of track.
We washed our hands and headed to the little table for snack.
Snack/activity – We made trains and railroad crossing kabobs. The pee wees each got a cardboard plate and their train kit. I showed them a snack train and told them to build it however they wanted – each did it their own way and then gobbled up the crackers and treats. Next I showed them the railroad crossing kabobs and we talked about what railroad crossing were and how they keep us safe. I was SHOCKED that all four of them had no problem making their own kabobs – no one needed any help! Once we made them they ate those up too.

Craft/activity time – We painted egg carton trains. Tons of interest in the painting. Then we glued on the smoke and wheels – again, no one likes to get glue on their fingers – it’s pretty funny.

  (The “activity” today was merged into the snack and craft b/c we were stuck indoors.)
We took a song break and learned “Engine, engine number 9.” They did a pretty good job with this – though some of them wanted to call it engine, engine number 5.
We reviewed the day’s activities, re-read the book, and had five minutes left to head back down for a little more play time with the train set – a request by all four of them. So we played trains one more time and listened to “I’ve been working on the railroad.”
A very fun day. They are all improving their skills so much and it’s impressive to see how much they “grow” from time to time.

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