Sunday, September 30, 2012

PeeWees: If You Give a Dog a Donut (week 2)

[More from Lisa on Week 2 of If You Give a Dog a Donut.]

 Arrival:  We started the day with sidewalk chalk – trying to use our imaginations like the dog does in the book. That was a very short-lived activity, just not much interest. So we moved on to the water fight. Everyone got a squirt gun or spray bottle and the laughing and running began (the dog has a water fight in the book).

From there we moved on to circle time but remained outside – the weather was just too good to miss. The big change was that I used apples to count and they LOVED that. They had to pick an apple and we lined them all up, one at a time. Then recounted from one each time a new apple was added – I will definitely use objects to count again in the future.
Snack: “pirate's booty” popcorn, apple slices, and apple juice (the dog dresses as a pirate in the book).
Art:  Kite making – very easy and fun. (the dog finds a kite)
Activity:  The bulk of the time was tee ball. I learned a lot from this activity. First, they LOVE being active. Second, LOTS of lessons can be learned by them from a “turn-taking” game – I will definitely try to do more turn-taking games in the future.  I was really impressed how well they all did – it’s hard to wait your turn. They ran and ran and ran – hitting the ball every fourth person. They really never got tired of this activity. (the dog plays baseball in the book too).
We returned to circle time, re-read the book, said the good-bye song and then it was off to the front for running with kites.

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