Friday, September 28, 2012

PeeWees Field Trip: Apple Picking

About once a month, we will take the PeeWees on a field trip.  Ideally, it will relate in some way to the current book.  The time was just right for If You Give a Dog a Donut because in the book, he goes apple picking.  So we did, too.

It was a long drive, so we had to have a snack once we got to the orchard.

The owners directed us to a section of October Fujis, which were perfect - not only because they were medium-sized and crisp, perfect for eating, but also because the trees were young and small - perfect for PeeWee pickers!

Most of our group were industrious pickers, making the most of our visit.

But Poppy, well she picked exactly one apple, then climbed in the shady stroller and munched on it until we left.  I was the only Hickman picking that day.

Here are the PeeWee apple pickers - and eaters - plus a few other friends we met at the farm that day.

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