Thursday, September 27, 2012

PeeWees: If You Give a Dog a Donut (week 1)

[I didn't teach this time - we take turns.  But we are trying to email out a recap of the day to the other moms when it is our turn, so we know what the kids did, and can talk about it with them over the week.  So most of this post's text comes from PeeWee mom Lisa.]

If You Give a Dog a Donut by Laura Numeroff

Concept:  The idea is that if you give a dog a donut, he’ll want some apple juice, and when he drinks it all up, he’ll want more. So he goes outside to pick apples which reminds him of baseball, then when he hits a home run he’ll find an old kite, then he’ll get dirty and need a bath, then he’ll use the bandana from drying him off to dress like a pirate…and you get the idea – everything leads to something new.

Kari was right, these little guys are loving this and are at the perfect age for what we’re doing. They’re super engaged and want to learn – very fun.

Arrival/Open play time: Playdough with shapes – there are lots of shapes in the book, (donut is round, kites are diamond, etc) – photo attached. Then circle time and just before snack with did our first song “Who Let the Dogs Out” so everyone could run around and dance.

Snack: a small donut, apple juice, and sliced apples.

Art:  Apple trees. I was really impressed with how well they followed the “one finger in the paint” directions to make their apples.

Activity:  We dressed up like pirates – with the same outfit as the dog in the book – and went on a treasure hunt (just like the dog in the book). The treasure hunt was a series of colored shapes they had to find around the yard. The last shape was a big yellow “X” and below it was a treasure box with plastic coins.

We came back inside, re-capped the book and the activities of the day then did one more “happy dance” (also from the book).

Great day. They are really fun kids.

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