Friday, July 20, 2012

DM's Summer Faves

Oh, I used to post all my latest favorite things every month.  I still have lots of favorites - life is one big discovery of awesome material objects - but alas, blogging is like second or third on my to-do list, always, and I almost never get that far.  So it goes.

But it's summer and even though it's practically too late to share the scoop - half this stuff has already been taken off shelves in favor of backpacks and fall jackets - some of it always applies.  So far it's been a great summer, and here are some of the things I've loved:

Our family received this as a Christmas present years ago; I store it away for a few months, then get it out for a few, and it never fails to entertain and fascinate.  This summer I've brought it to the pool for Poppy's enjoyment, since she has had to sit around for an hour every morning during the sisters' swimming lessons.  Love how fast it dries, and we've gotten lots of comments and inquiries from kids and adults alike.

We have an extensive hodge podge of sunscreen tubes in our summer bag, and this one from Neutrogena is my newest favorite.  55 SPF satisfies our fair complexion needs, and it is indeed as light and non-greasy as I've found anywhere.  I think it even would dry, in a climate with less than 90% humidity, but I may never know for sure, at least not this summer.
It's photographed on one of my CHEVRON-STRIPE SKIRTS from Old Navy.  Soft wide waistband, flowy A-line drape, past-knee length, and flattering but bold stripe print - it's like the perfect summer skirt.  PLUS it was very flag-ish on the 4th of July.  But I remained conservative and got it in only two of the three colors.  And that's only because I got a couple of other longer Chevron skirts at Kohl's a month or two ago.  Ahem.  I just like them.

And while we were at Old Navy last month, picked up these cutie "FLIP-POPS" for Poppy - I loved the white-on-green, and the elastic strap in back is indispensable.

Speaking of pool shoes, I finally retired my worn-out fake crocs and invested in a "real" pair - CANDACE in Oyster (white).  I thought they'd be so summery, but mostly they make me look like a nurse.  I like them anyway, though.  They go with all my new striped skirts!

I have a gazillion tote bags, but I am sick and tired of not having a single one big enough for our pool tote needs.  So I did 15 minutes of research, and got us this massive 10-pocketed mesh bag from Saltwater Canvas.  Overall, I love it.

What I like:
  • Lots and lots of pockets, and I use them all! 
  • Hidden inner zipper pocket to hold money and phone
  • D-ring to clip keys onto so they don't sink to the bottom
  • Mesh is super strong and allows water/sand to sift out bottom
  • Main compartment is HUGE enough to easily hold 4+ beach towels, diaper pack, and change of clothes for all of us

What I wish was different:
  • A bit of padding on the straps would go a long way, or even a padded velcro wrap that would hold the straps together.
  • I wish is had at least one plastic/vinyl lined pocket to keep wet & dry things separate.  Instead I bring a plastic grocery bag.
  • I wish the bottom was reinforced instead of mesh so I could place it on a wet surface (i.e., the concrete ground at the pool) without my things getting wet.  But it's a toss-up because the mesh might be nice at the beach to let sand out.
I also noticed at the pool a lot of Moms have Scout bags - I'm attracted by their bold patterns and enormous size, but I don't see any with the pockets that mine has, and I love the pockets.  I don't know about you, but we bring a lot of pocket-size things to the pool like sunscreen, goggles, water bottles, snacks, comb, shampoo, and books.

A few weeks ago, I saw the Paris Opera Ballet perform Giselle at the Kennedy Center.  I was entranced.  I came home and bought tickets to take my girls to the Washington Ballet's The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe next month.  And I put Dance Academy on my Netflix queue.  My ballerina friend told me about it at Giselle - it's an Australian teen drama, and they're all at, you guessed it, the National Dance Academy in Sydney. 
I was hooked after the second episode, and I have worked my way through the first, and now second, seasons faster than I care to admit.  The conflicts and issues that arise in season 1 are fairly predictable, but handled well, and I just love all the dancing.  I keep thinking, how did they find so many actors that can dance so well, or dancers that can act?  Either way, I think it's wonderful - not extremely deep, but also not trashy or idiotic, like most American "teen" shows.  Just well done, and I am totally into it, hook, line and sinker.  Season 2 has taken some surprising twists, and I can feel the show maturing, in a good way, just as the characters are.  Go watch it so we can talk about it.  It's been a great summer escape.

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GR82BAMOM said...

So, it has been a few days since this post. Did you finish watching season 2 of Dance Academy? Totally hooked here, too. Having personally experienced ballet as a child and tween I admit to getting caught up emotionally especially towards the end. Totally agree with you on the dancing and acting. Impressive. It's definitely well written and I'm so glad it went the way of classy, not trashy. Plus so fun to see all the backdrops of the opera house and bridge and know that I'd been there. We spent the whole of December 2008 there. My father-in-law still works at the Con and still gets to conduct at the opera house. Cool!

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