Thursday, July 05, 2012

Summer Fun Club 3, 4, and 5

 I have meant to keep up with doing quick posts about our rockin' SFC activities, but the power outage set everything back a few days, and in some cases, completely off track.  So let me get back ON track.

3 - Last Wednesday was our first "cooking" activity.  I thought we could start with instant pudding and go from there.  Hazel made lemon; Ginger, coconut cream.  I explained to them the three kinds of pudding you can make - instant, cooked from a box, cooked from scratch, and what the basic ingredients in pudding are.

My personal goal for this activity was to keep my hands off.  Just talk them through it and let them do it all themselves.  After I explained about dry and liquid measuring cups, they measured and poured the milk themselves. 

Explained how to shake the powder to one end so it doesn't spill when you cut it.

Which does not mean it won't still spill when you pour it into the bowl.

Whisk, whisk, whisk, wait 5 minutes, voila!  Spoon into cups.

(Keep your hands off, Kari!  Doesn't have to be perfect!)

Hazel cut the bananas while Ginger washed the blueberries.

Layer pudding, fruit, Cool Whip; repeat.

The only part I did was cover with saran wrap.  Look at all that food in my fridge that is now in the garbage!

Poppy woke up just in time to help lick the spoons.

We ate the parfaits for dessert that night, and they were so big, we finished them for breakfast.  Definitely a success.

4 - Thursday was similar to Tuesday in that we did missionary cards, but this time for my nephew Thompson who is in the Missionary Training Center in Utah - he will leave for his assignment in Russia next month.  We also put together a package for him - peanut M&M's, jelly bellies, granola bars, olive oil & black pepper Triscuits (yum), and a little photo album of us, including this picture of him with the girls when we saw him in May:

5 - On Friday, the girls did not have swim lessons so we took the whole day for a "field trip."  We went to my mom's house to pick her up, then the post office to mail Thompson's and Natalee's things (Ginger paid with cash and Hazel received the change.)  Then off to Burke Lake to ride the mini train and carousel, a tradition we do almost every summer.  It was HOT HOT HOT, so luckily the crowds were down, but after about 45 minutes and a ride on each, we were done.  Back to Mom's for some lunch, playing, naps, and a quick run through the back yard sprinkler.  All in the name of Summer Fun Club.

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Lindsay said...

Your summer fun club is seriously awesome. I wish I had more energy (and maybe a little more space -- you know, for my sanity's sake) to do that this year, but with a newborn, it's just not gonna happen. But I'm taking notes on what your girls have been doing so I can jump on the bandwagon next summer. :)

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