Monday, July 11, 2011

"Chris" & Goo

Here's how the text thread went with my friend this afternoon -

G: Edward barbies are on clearance at target. $19!! Just thought you should know. :D
Me: Did u buy them out?!
G: No. I'm not the big fan...Still here. Want me to pick one up? 2 left.
Me: Yes just 1 pls.
G: You got it!

So a little while later she showed up with my new distance-impulse-buy. I thought the girls would make good use of a boy doll to play father/brother/husband/son/boy cousin roles with all our girl dolls. And if we're going to have a boy doll, I can think of none better than this extra tall romantic vegetarian vampire with sparkly skin!

I pulled him out of the box and showed him to the girls. I told them his name is Edward. They just laughed, thought it was a joke because their Dad's name is Ed. So they decided to rename him: Chris Edward Contagible. That is what they agreed upon.

Hazel wanted to know about the movie he's in; I told her I'd tell her when she's older. Knowing how it affected me, let's avoid that obsession as long as we can!They immediately got out their green goo they made at camp last week and started making stuff for him. Here is his jumprope. And here is a purse for whoever he marries. (He is currently betrothed to at least two dolls, Ariel and Golda, and is cousin to Mulan, who our girls call Muland.) I love a purse with long straps. And since I've started writing this post they've made scarves for his children, a rug and a fireplace for his house (note to self: fireplaces in real life probably shouldn't be made of "goo.") Oh, my, and Hazel has just gone upstairs to get a bunch of dolls to be his family. And Ginger just told me, "Whew, all this carpenting is making me tired. But I can do it! A carpenter never gives up!" I may have written this post too soon, this may be an hour or more of play.

Yeah, it's a good day at our house.

UPDATE, 11:23 pm - "Chris" joined us at the dinner table. He sat on Ginger's lap and ate part of her food. We checked his legs to see if they are sparkly - no. Hazel begged again to know the story of "Twilight." I resisted. Our friend/houseguest that is staying with us saw the doll and wanted to take me to bat over the Edward/Jacob thing. But it came out she's only seen the movies, not read the books, so she only has half the story. In the movies, yes, Jacob wins. In the books, I don't think so.

UPDATE, 8/7/11 - Poppy has adopted "Chris" as one of her favorite toys and carries him around the house saying his name. She likes to put him to bed in boxes with a small blanket over him, comb his hair, and hold him during diaper changes. Tonight she wanted him for her snuggle lovey when she went to bed. It's safe to say he has been lovingly embraced by our whole family.

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tona said...

Thrilled about the update. Well, if they can't have a brother, and their tall boy cousins live far away, at least there's Chris Edward Contagible. Funny what the littlest one will attach to, you never know.

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