Thursday, July 14, 2011

Art Tuesday: Abstract Art Pillowcases

This week's Art Tuesday was not exactly a start-to-finish project, but rather a combination of a la carte art components. First, we discussed the concept of abstract art - that sculptures, drawings, and paintings do not necessarily have to look like something to be great art. Combinations of lines, shapes, and colors can evoke energy, mood, feelings and images to both artist and audience.
Next, we discussed the idea of planning and sketching. Leaning on last week's Seurat lesson, Seurat made dozens (hundreds?) of sketches and plans before painting La Grande Jatte.

Those both being said, we gave the kids white paper and nice art pencils and encouraged them to do some abstract sketching. Kids are way better at that than adults, at least in my house.

Finally, we handed them their blank canvases (white pillowcases) and medium (fabric markers) and told them to recreate a finished copy of their sketch in color on the pillowcases.

Ginger was especially focused on this project. Her sketch was not abstract; I think this first introduction to abstract art did not sink very deep. She drew our family. But the concept of sketching and planning drove home - she must have done three or four sketches before being satisfied and taking on the pillowcase. Sorry I forgot a picture of the final project - it took her so long the rest of us had moved on by the time she finished.

So this project doesn't really have a supply list and directions. It was abstract! But any one of these components - abstract art, planning, pillowcases - would be a great foundation for any number of art days.

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Carol Younce said...

Ginger is getting it- at our sleepover she did a watercolor of fireworks, and then the next 3 were abstract, according to her. She also make several abstract drawings in her new tablet, including some that used pointilism.

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