Sunday, July 17, 2011

Backpack Time, Yet Again

Some of you may think it's still summer, but for us, mid-July is practically back-to-school. Hazel goes into FIRST GRADE August 2. Which means school supplies and a detailed wardrobe assessment. Her Land's End backpack from last year is still in good shape, though the mesh water bottle holder is wearing through, what can you do?

Then, come September, Ginger will go back to preschool. And this year, as a 4-year-old, she will stay for lunch two days a week. Which means the girl needs a lunchbox. So I poked around a bit online. Liked what I saw at Garnet Hill, and then when I read closer, I really liked it. This summer (through August 9), if you buy a kids' backpack you get the matching lunchbox free. And free shipping.

GH's backpacks are average in quality I'd say, and their greatest flaw is lack of reinforcement across the bottom where holes are sure to wear. But what I really love about them is the sternum strap. My kids can barely keep a backpack on without one so I did a home-sew job on their packs last year. I can't believe all kids packs don't have them. But Garnet Hill does so that is a double-bonus point in their favor.

Ginger picked the aqua/cherry blossoms set. Pretty cute.


Shells said...

We aren't even out of school yet over here! Cute backpacks.

Nells-Bells said...

thanks for this! mase starts first grade this year too! i have been going back and forth on brands of backpacks and i have never heard of garnett hill. will check it out!!

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