Thursday, June 30, 2011

Art Tuesday: Cutting Bouquets

The great thing about doing art projects with friends is that they come up with things I never would have, and vice versa. I loved this flower-making project because it utilized such a range of visual and motor skills, engaged our preschoolers for a long time, and each unique flower was perfect as it was.

First, we twisted our floral wire bases - even in these, each one was different, yet perfect - there are a lot of ways to make a wire stand!

Then we traced circles on colored paper using cups, and cut them out. Taped one on the wire for a center, and cut slits in the others to make petals. Slide the petals on, tape the base to a paper for greater stability, and voila!

The 3-year-old lost interest after cutting a few circles, but our 4-year-olds held focus and made two flowers each! Here's Ginger's:Here's mine:Then we went outside and cut our own real bouquets from my friend's gorgeous hydrangea bushes and flower garden; we each got to take our bouquet home in a Wendy's cup. Pretty much another perfect Art Tuesday.
Cutting Bouquets
What you need:

  • 18-inch floral wire (comes in a long skinny pack from craft stores)
  • colored paper
  • cup, cookie cutter or other round template
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • tape
What to do:
1. Twist wire into a spiral base so it will stand up.

    2. Trace circles onto colored paper with a pencil and cut them out.
    3. Tape one circle to the top of the wire. Fold the other circles in half and cut a slit about halfway up from the folded edge. Don't cut it all the way in half! Slide the slit onto the center circle, and gently open the folded circle to spread the petals a bit. Adjust the petals or wire so it will keep standing. Repeat with more petals.

    4. Optional- tape the wire base to a piece of paper or cardboard to help stabilize it.

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