Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Art Tuesday: Squeezing Shapes

This week's art project turned out even better than expected. For "Squeezing Shapes" we squeezed tempera paint onto thick paper, then pressed another piece on top, gently peeled off, and named the gorgeous shapes we made.

Then we read the book It Looked Like Spilt Milk by Charles G. Shaw. Each page shows a white shape on a blue background, with text following this pattern - "It looked like ________. But it wasn't _________." Then at the end it says that it was just a cloud in the sky. The kids had a great time naming the shapes (squirrel, butterfly, etc.)
Then we went back to the counter and made shapes with white paint on blue paper.
Overall a highly successful Art Tuesday. Some of the prints came out so beautifully I think we will frame them.

Squeezing Shapes
  • Tempera paint
  • Squeezy bottles if the paint doesn't come in them
  • Newspapers for covering work surface
  • Thick paper like cardstock, posterboard or watercolor paper (construction paper is too thin)
Cover work surface in newspaper. Give each child a thick piece of paper and whatever color(s) paint they choose. Squeeze paint in a design on the paper. Place another piece of paper on top, lining up edges as well as possible. Press with hands. Carefully peel papers apart. Look at the designs and discuss what you see in them - have the child name the shapes.
Parent rating: Easy
Child rating: Fun

1 comment:

Greg and Michelle said...

I hope I can be a Mom like you, Kari! It looks like being a kid at your house would be blast!

Way to go making homemade artwork that doubles as tasteful house decor too - they look good!

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