Friday, January 14, 2011

New Tricks. As Promised.

As mentioned, the Popster has some new tricks up her sleeve. It's like a trick explosion around here, and they're likely to be old news by her 9-month mark in nine days so here goes.

Trick #1 Clapping - This was her first learned trick a few weeks ago and she is an expert at it. It was her favorite trick for awhile but has been surpassed by #3.

Trick #2 High Five - At first she seemed a bit amazed each time we praised her for touching our hands, but she soon caught on and is a high-fiving maniac. If she likes you.

Trick #3 Saying "Hi" - She picked this one up fast fast fast. When we enter or leave a room, say "hi" with a wave, "bye" with or without a wave, or "goodnight", she waves big with her elbow and/or wrist and says "Aye" or often "Aye Dada" because we model "Hi Mama" or "Hi Dada" a lot. Sometimes we get "Bye." She usually does it unsolicited these days and loves the reactions we give her. It is dang cute to see such a little critter waving "hi."

Here are some videos of the above. (I upload videos to the computer just seldom enough to have to relearn how to do it each time. We have gotten a new main computer since last time, without the software I usually use, so I'd like to give myself props for figuring it out. Note to self: I either need to write myself a tutorial or upload videos more often.)

Now to the BIG TRICK:

Trick #4 Crawling - Poppy was on the verge of crawling for about 6 weeks. She was mobile in an unpredictable way during that time. I would put her down and she would somehow move from one place to another several feet away but I could never exactly nail down how she did it; there was no one maneuver but rather a complex choreography not unlike THIS.

But two days ago she got it. She put it all together and moved those knees and hands in sync and voila, we got this:

The next day (yesterday), she was going the distance. Check it out, that's a workout moving forward along hard wood floors. But she is a genius, you know.

Upcoming Tricks
- She is well on her way to signing "more" and "alldone", and pointing on cue to nose, teeth and ears. And she has cut her third tooth. Genius, I tell you!


tona said...

Nothing could be more motivating than having those two big sisters cooing, encouraging, giggling, and being down there on the floor just out of reach! Adorable.

Shaunel said...

YAY POPPY!!! I'm totally from a family of 3 girls. Your video reminds me of our home video treasures :)

Shells said...

Congrats to baby and mom. Milestones are so fun.

Mia said...

What a cutie pie!!!

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