Monday, January 24, 2011

The 4-Year-Old

Ginger has turned four. Creating her baby book over the last year has given me the needed outlet for sentimentalism so this post will just be about her now and her birthday. We love birthdays around here.
There seems no avoiding at least three celebrations for each kids' birthday - school party, family party, friend party. Some families combine them but we haven't gotten that smooth yet.

So last Friday we sent chocolate chip cupcakes to school, with balloon toothpicks inserted. (Watch the VGP for the birthday recipe lowdown.) She came home wearing a crown with hot-glued plastic jewels on. Sunday was the family party - triple layer dark chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, #4 candle, and too many presents (so sue me. Diego pillow from Grandma and Grandpa among the favorites.) Her little peewee group friends from last year are all spread out at different preschools this year, so she wanted to have them over for a party/reunion. That's next weekend and that will be a different post.

I have this idea to interview each girl on her birthday, to take a snapshot of her interests, language, and preferences, but I'm still figuring out how I want to do it exactly. Last year I interviewed Hazel on her 5th birthday, took notes on some scrap of paper, and promptly lost it. This year I interviewed Ginger - tonight - and decided to blog it as record-keeping. So here it is. (My occasional comments are in parentheses.)

How old are you? Four.

What is your favorite color? Blue. Actually, all light colors.

Who are your favorite friends? Jack, Lizzie, Charlotte, James and my friends at school. And I love the Strattons. Every friend I have. And every cousin. (That just about covers it.)

What do you like to do? Draw, do puzzles and watch TV. And be in the bath. (Also computer games, sorting colored rocks, pretend and real cooking. She likes to be where I am, either doing something together or at least side by side.)

What shows do you like? Dora, Diego and Mary Poppins. My favorite channels are Nick Jr., Sprout and Qubo. (And she loves the Wiggles.)

If you could make up the funnest day, what would you do? Play games, have parties, and have two baths - one in the morning and one in the afternoon and one at night, that's two - and stay in the bath a long time and have twice as much toys and go to the playground or the gym and playing with Poppy for a long long time in her room.

I thought you wanted to give Poppy to another family (this was confided earlier this afternoon amid tears during a blood sugar crash.) Well I just realized she's really really fun.

What's the difference between boys and girls? Girls talk like this (normal voice) and boys talk like this (deep voice.) And old people talk like this - "Now, go on now." (gravelly deep voice - Hazel starting to giggle.) And Moms and Dads speak mom-ish and dad-ish (Hazel giggling greatly now.)

What foods do you like? Pizza, chocolate ice cream, chocolate cake, meat, and of course all different kinds of cupcakes. (Also chips & salsa, hot dogs, cherries, cereal, broccoli, chicken nuggets and eggs.)

What places do you like to go? On walks with our family, the theater where we saw Mary Poppins with Dad, Grandma's house - both Grandmas, the Strattons' house.

(At this point Hazel was dying to be part of the interview and wanted to ask a question) Ginger, what is your favorite time? When it's time to go somewhere fun, time to brush teeth (really?), and bathtime.

What are your favorite books? The Kiss that Missed (she just got it yesterday for her birthday), Knuffle Bunny, Library Lion and Hazel's and my baby books.

What toys do you like to play with? Cars, Blokus and Zingo. (Also dolls, blocks, toy food and new wooden train set.)

Tell me about your favorite animals. I like the stingray best because it stings with its tail and it's really amazing. And the starfish is really cool because he has eyes on each of his legs and arms. And the legs grow in if he loses a leg and the eye grows in with it. (Preschool just had a visitor "expert" from an aquarium.)

What do you want to be when you grow up? Either a doctor or a teenager.

You know you can be both - a teenager first and then a doctor. Um, well, Mom, I'll think about it and let you know what I choose. (In that case I prefer a doctor.)
I would have liked to ask more thought-provoking questions that reveal the workings of her mind, but I didn't have any off the top of my head. Suggestions? This could be a several-day interview. I'd love to make it really worthwhile.


Melinda said...

Happy Birthday beautiful girl! PS Kari I'm so glad you have a search button on your blog, I wanted the lemon spaghetti recipe and found it right away! Thanks!

Camille Foote said...

Happy Birthday Ginger! Wish we were closer to help celebrate. I love the interview idea I am totally going to copy you.

Lindsay said...

I love your interview questions! I did something similar with Garrett on his 3rd birthday last year with a video. I hope to make it a tradition -- and I hope I remember to incorporate some of these excellent questions. :)

Happy birthday to Ginger! She chose an excellent day to be born. ;)

elyse said...

Happy Birthday to Ginger! I miss you and all of you so much!! But I love having this blog to keep me posted on your lives. What a fun idea--I love the interview. I'll have to remember that down the road. Hope all is well. :)

tona said...

Adorable! We mailed a package, it's a little late. Also I hope I didn't pick out lame ones.

Another Q: what does she want to be when she grows up?

Mia said...

Happy Birthday Ginger!

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