Sunday, October 10, 2010

Saturday, Part I: Butler's Orchard

I know I waxed ambitious in my October post about all the wonderful things to do in the fall. Truth is, we haven't done and probably won't do most of those this year. Ed is working like crazy, also about to go on his hunting trip, and I don't totally have the three-kids-on-my-own thing down yet.

But the weather was great last weekend and we wanted to do something. We decided to check out Butler's Orchard in Germantown, MD because we'd never been there. Pick-your-own apples was over but they had a fall Pumpkin Festival that sounded perfect.

We got there early and first perused the Farm Market. We bought local apples (four kinds), potatoes, artisan cheese, cherry butter and WOW, my new FAVORITE fall treat, apple cider slushies. They were sooo good I am considering going back (about 45 minute drive) just for another slushie. Though I guess I could make my own. How would you do that? Pour cider in the ice cream machine? Or semi-freeze cider in the freezer and then blend it? Hmm...

Then we drove about 1/4 mile up the road to the Pumpkin Festival which was fabulous. Big slides, hay loft, corn maze, hay rides, crafts, farm animals. Our kids' favorites were the moon bounce...the corn bins...and the rubber duckie derby. Ed and I got a bit competitive at these until I got excited and smashed my finger in one of the pumps. What can I say, I've got skillz.And YAY, Poppy is old enough for the backpack now!!! She was a champ and finally fell asleep against Ed's back. We got ice cream cones on the way back to the car and - horror! - Ginger's fell on the ground. Of all the Hickmans for this to happen to, she is the worst, and threw a mother screaming tantrum for almost a half hour. This is our life. But we tried to salvage the morning by playing singing games and eating apples on the drive home. Gala is still my favorite.

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Mr. Sessions said...

Can you see my green shades of envy from VA? Your post made me miss the east so bad. Sounds like you have a wonderful life. I am so happy for you. Don't know if you heard but we evened out our family with 2 boys and now 2 girls. Our youngest is 9 months. Miss you guys.


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