Friday, July 23, 2010


Wednesday, 1:33 pm. Poppy is sleeping in the stroller. The rest of us are huddled in the back corner of Bed, Bath and Beyond, sniffing Yankee candles. And we have sniffed quite a few.

I am fielding a lot of, "Mom, what's this one called? Mom, I want the cherry one! Mom, what's this?"

"A breakable votive holder. Put it back. Here, smell this one."

"What's it called?"

"Clean Cotton. What do you think?"

Sniff. "Fine."

"Really? I can't smell it, it doesn't smell like anything to me."

Pause. Thinking.

"Mooooom," (impatient sigh), "that's because it's CLEAN cotton!"

Guess which one we got.

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Lindsay said...

Ha ha! This reminds me of what I was doing with my boys yesterday. I had a Bath and Body Works gift card, so we went to use it. I hadn't been in one of those stores in years, so I had to go around smelling and testing everything. Garrett was in heaven -- he wanted samples of every lotion and spray all over him. I'd dab a little on his hands, he'd rub them together, then pat it on his cheeks. And then he'd bend down to Caleb in the stroller and pat his cheeks, too. We all came home smelling oh so nice. :)

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