Sunday, July 25, 2010

Francie Pants

Dilemma: The girls have long outgrown sizes that pair bloomers with a dress. Occasionally we find a skirt with built-in shorts but for the most part it's just their roos under there. It's too freaking hot for tights and leggings, and shorts can get bulky. So that leaves us wearing dresses and skirts as little as possible, pretty much just for church and then we spend the whole time telling them, "Put your legs down. Stop showing your panties. Fix your skirt." Sigh.

Solution: Francie Pants. Thin, slippy and stretchy shorts in super cute prints that go over underwear and under skirts. You know, just in case she has the sudden urge to do a cartwheel. Or has to sit criss-cross applesauce for circle time. Or insists on flopping around during church, dagnabbit.The name makes me giggle because it comes from the rhyme, "I see London, I see France." You know the one. No one's gonna see their underpants now! When ours arrived and we tried them on, Ginger and Hazel said such things as, "Ooh, they're so soft!" and "I want to wear these ALL day, EVERY day!" Nice.

AND, as if they are not cute as a button already, each pair comes with its own "collector's paper doll" (one of the 5 "Francies"), and you can print off paper doll clothes from their website.I discovered Francie Pants on this charming post from the irresistable Design Mom: What to Wear to 5th Grade (that Maude is so stylin' and has the best name EVER.) I ordered mine from a site I like called Mom4Life - they have a smaller selection than the Francie Pants site, but sometimes what I need in life is fewer choices. Plus they have free shipping and included a nice free peppermint lip balm with my order.

One dilemma solved. Check.


Kelly said...

Awesome! Normally we just use stretchy bicycle shorts, but I've been having trouble finding them and we need new ones. Wearing uniforms took a toll on the few pairs they had. These are really cute!

Tracy and Odie said...

i showed odie that photo and we both died of the one of ginger. how cute!!!

The Finck Five said...

I was just wanting something likes this the other day. We are also getting the kinder wardrobe together and I was avoiding skirts, but now I'll have to look again.

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