Monday, August 03, 2009


Today, 2:33 pm. Hazel and I have just made a cake for Ed & my anniversary. Hazel is licking the beaters and I'm cleaning up. Hazel finds a stray chocolate chip on the counter and eats it. She ponders.

"Mom, I wish I was the SWEETEST girl ever!"

"Mhm, you are sweet." Only half-listening.

"Mom, do you know what sweet girls eat?"


"Well, they eat chocolate chips for breakfast. And for dinner they eat icing. And for lunch they eat candy."

Yum! She's got my attention now. "Oh. Anything else?"

"What they make their bed is some candy sprinkles and candy picture frames and icing, that's what they use for their beds. And for their lights they use candy strings and light bulbs that look like candy. And different kinds of sweet things they use for just everything. Sweet girls just love sweet things!"
My options:
1) Lecture on the importance of moderating sugar intake.
2) Offer to play Candyland.
3) Admit that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree...not far at all.

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